Today Was All Over the Place

Happy Thursday! So the UNC vs Duke game just started and I am thinking that if I get into UNC I am going to have to start like basketball a little more. Those fans were hyped up. I have never been into the whole rivalry thing though. Enough of that, let me tell you about my day.

I was up early again to go to my dad’s office. I drove separately because he had to leave for Durham before my appointment with the orthodontist, so I took my time getting ready and making my breakfast. I made a green smoothie and an egg and cheese sandwich, which I ate as I drove to Roxboro.Image At the office had my usual assignment of assembling tax returns and calling people to tell them they could pick up their returns. That was pretty much my morning. Right before I left for my appointment at 1 I had a quick lunch. I had broccoli soup and pretzels. I ate the apple and carrots after my appointment as I drove home. Image

My appointment went well. After waiting for a while the orthodontist finally looked at my permanent retainer.Image Since it was detached on one side he decided to remove the entire thing. I don’t like the little tool they use to remove the cement stuff, it doesn’t feel good against teeth. Very sensitive. They took impressions of my teeth to make a new permanent wire retainer and then they are also going to make me a thinner invisible retainer to wear at night instead of the bulky one I have now. I am hoping it is similar to Invisalign. I will have to go back next week to have the wire put on.

I wasn’t exactly sure what my plans after my appointment were going to be. I was trying to coordinate a time that worked for a friend and I to go to the Washington Duke trail, but unfortunately there wasn’t a good time that worked for both of us. I also could have gone with another friend to run stairs for a good workout, but I wanted to take advantage of having daylight and warm temperatures by going to the barn to spend time with Vinnie since I never get out there as much as I would like anymore. The good news is that I almost have enough money saved from my personal chef job to buy a saddle! Yippee! So when I got home I changed into my boots and headed out to the barn. All of the horses were so muddy! They must have rolled in the mud as soon as their blankets were removed. I spent a nice amount of time grooming Vinnie before long lining him in the round pen. I wanted a picture of him looking handsome with his bridle and surcingle on, but instead I got a picture of the nosiest horse in the world haha.Image I haven’t long lined in a while so there were a few moments of bad behavior, but nothing I couldn’t handle and correct. I had a great time at the barn!

When I got home I changed back into my tennis shoes and went on a jog around the neighborhood. I was super tired and wanted to take a nap, but I got my behind out the door to do a very slow and steady 3.45 miles.Image It felt really good outside with the sun shining and the mid 60 degree temps. I wish every day could be like that.

After my jog I had my chocolate milk and a sunflower butter sandwich as I played sudoku and listened to my mom tell me about her day.Image When I finished my snack I helped my mom with dishes and then looked through an entire sugar-free and gluten-free cook book that Mary let me borrow for my client. I found some killer looking recipes for my client. And for my parents and I!

I showered and got a few relaxation minutes in before dinner. My mom made roasted yellow squash and zucchini with buffalo turkey meatballs. My dad actually grilled the meatballs using a meatball griller I got for my dad a really long time ago.Image That was the first time we used it and it worked out alright. A few didn’t come out cleanly, but that could have been because we over filled them? I ended up making a sandwich.Image Three different sandwiches in one day? No big deal.

So some random things from the day: I got an app on my phone that calculates an appropriate time for me to go to sleep each night depending on what time I need to wake up and what age I am.Image I am interested to see how it notifies me and if I will actually listen to it! I figured it couldn’t hurt to try since I want to start going to sleep earlier. Then I opened my creativity app and this was the message for the day: Image

Well, I am off to have my snack and go to bed. I am working at the Bulls all day tomorrow so I want to be well rested!


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