What is Your Core Question?

Today was another marathon of a day at my dad’s office. Despite having quality sleep last night, quantity was the problem. I stayed awake so I could squeeze in a delicious snack before bed. I had sweet potato pie, trail mix, milk and fruit.Image Then I was off to sleep! Thunder woke me up at some point during the night and while I loved the sound of it, I am not happy with the farmer’s tale that snow will follow within the next ten days.

This morning I woke up and was rushed to get ready. My dad surprised me by saying he had to leave right at the moment I was done getting dressed, so I didn’t have time to do anything. I made due with what was at the office for breakfast. I microwaved two packets of oatmeal and topped it with cinnamon and almonds. I also had milk to wash it all down.Image I spent the entire morning assembling tax returns and then calling people.

During our lunch hour my dad and I went to food lion to grab a few things. I ended up having an apple, carrots, a southwest style chicken panini and pretzels for my lunch.Image During the afternoon hours I finally got one company all the way caught up with entering checks and reconciling. That felt good to finish because I had been working on and off for months on trying to get it all straightened out.Image We stayed at the office till 6:15 and then headed home. I ended up not having a snack before dinner. It was no bueno. My mom already had dinner started when we made it home so I didn’t want to spoil it. Or maybe that was my excuse. Don’t know. For dinner we had pork tenderloin, yellow squash “chips” with sweet potatoes. I mixed my sweet potato with spinach and a laughing cow wedge.Image Now I am relaxing on the couch and I don’t ever want to move from it haha.

So today I still didn’t do the best job at filling up all my bubbles while I was at the office, but I think I did better than Monday. I still have my night snack to help fill up some more bubbles.

Now it is time for me to summarize my sessions with Mary and Lori!

Session with Mary

After I had a quick meet up with my client to give her the meals and snacks I made her for the week, I had my appointment with Mary. We started off by discussing quickly my client before talking about my week and my hunger/fullness levels. I of course told her about my struggles on Monday and we talked all about the difficulties or the thing holding me back. She told me one thing that really stuck with me. She mentioned a chapter from a book she recently read that spoke of having a core question that relates to personal thoughts, fears and actions. That core question can be applied to every aspect of your life and it can be different for each person. I thought about it and I felt that my core question was “will I be happy?” She asked me to apply it to different parts of my life to see if it would truly apply to everything. I applied it to body image: will I be happy with how I look? Will I be happy with how I feel? I applied it to my education and my future: will I be happy with the school I attend? Will I be happy with the major I choose? Will I be happy with the career it leads to? I applied it to me relationships: Will I be happy to have this person in my life? Will I be happy to have to worry about another person? Will I be happy with who is in my life? Mary really pushed me to elaborate on each one of those and then she made me look at it another way. She said “pretend I am you and I am stuck in this place where I am not moving forward because I don’t know if I will be happy or not. Take my kitchen for example. I painted it one color I really liked for a kitchen, but it wasn’t the appropriate color for an office as well. I fear choosing the wrong color and I only have one more chance to find a color. What advice would you give me?” I was stuck for a minute because I didn’t know what to say because she only had one chance. We ended up discussing paint for a few minutes and we talked about all the different options she had. It was a great way to see that the action of moving forward is truly what brings happiness. Yes, the finish product might bring you even more happiness, but the experience and the feeling of conquering fears is what makes you feel like you are walking on sunshine. Mary also displayed her wisdom by saying that if you envision yourself at a certain place in the future, that is where you will be because if it is what you want you will make it happen. So we talked all about creating a vision board to help motivate me. Now I just need to find the time to make one! At another point during my session Mary also had me do another exercise. Whenever I am having negative thoughts she told me to change the pace and the tone of the thought. Negative thoughts are usually “fast paced” thoughts, while positive thoughts happen at a calmer pace. She told me to take my negative thoughts and to slow them down as slow as possible. Then she had me imagine my thought on a billboard. I guess I should say that before this she had me think of a thought about myself that I have been having. One I came up with was “I’m not that small.” So I imagined it up the billboard and then she told me to take away the first two words, so I was left with “that small.” That was the part that changed the tone or meaning of the word. I thought that was very interesting. Then she had me ramble off a few more thoughts, most of them involving the word “not” and then she told me to change all of those thoughts so that they said the same thing but they weren’t negating. For example, one one “I’m not that pretty” and it was changed into “I’m ugly.” She said it was still a negative thought, but it didn’t have quite as big of a negative impact because it didn’t have the word “not” in it. I thought that was rather interesting. Anyways, It was a really good session and I feel like I had a lot of breakthroughs in that short amount of time. Mary is just wonderful 🙂

Session with Lori

My session with Lory flew by! Perhaps it is because there is a 52 minute maximum for the sessions because there is always a shortage of rooms? Lori started off by asking me how my goals went for the week. She asked about my Morning Pages, my breathing exercises and thought tracking, as well as my daily check ins with feelings or sensations and my day of spontaneity. I didn’t really talk about my Morning Pages, primarily because I didn’t do them haha. I didn’t have my journal in my room this past week so I kept forgetting about it. I successfully did my check ins though. I would take breathers to focus on feelings within the body. Or even feelings that were external. I mentioned the sensation of the cool leather couch against my skin whenever I would relax, I talked about the tightness in my calves after I ran and the feelings that went along with that. I also talked about the jittery feelings I had when I was snowed in and how I felt that restlessness in my arms and legs. I talked about my spontaneous day and how I felt like in a way it was spontaneous because I went into it without having any idea of what I was going to do but in a way it felt like I didn’t do anything different. We discussed my project of redoing my room. I told her how I spackled my walls and did a little work on my bed frame. That led to us discussing color ideas for my walls. She had just done a workshop that discussed the impact of colors so she was very curious to hear my ideas and what colors resonated with me. Just like with Mary, we discussed Monday and talked about what factored in to me having urges to restrict food. My session with Lori was very productive and informative and I left with similar goals for this week that I had last week.

Well, now that I have you up to date on everything I think I am going to go watch some of the Olympics before I have my snack and call it a night. Tomorrow morning I will be up early again to go to my dad’s office. Then I have an orthodontist appointment at 1 to get my permanent retainer fixed. I am kind of hoping they will just remove it! That would make flossing a million times easier haha. Alrighty, I’m off. Have a good one!


One thought on “What is Your Core Question?

  1. Good question…..I have been thinking about this all day. My core question would be, does this bring peace to my life? I think peace can be applied to so many situations, both internally and externally. Does this give me peace in my heart, mind, family, relationships, work, my gut feelings, with nature, animals???? Peace for me includes love and happiness. Peace like the ocean on the day when the water was clear enough to see my toes when I was in shoulder deep water. Remember that day?

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