So… Does That Count?

Yesterday I mentioned that today was going to be my official day of being entirely spontaneous. I don’t know if I did any of it right. I didn’t really plan to do anything today so does it count for being spontaneous if everything I did I just randomly decided to do, even though they were all activities I have done before or have been needing to do? I didn’t do anything crazy that pushed my comfort level, so I am not sure if my day served its purpose. I did initiate a plan to get together with the guys. That was pretty unusual for me. I was originally going to make dinner plans, but they had to work tonight so we made plans for Tuesday night. I also texted a friend I made during recovery to wish her luck on a big test that she has been studying like crazy for and we are going to try and do get together this weekend. So I made some spontaneous decisions to reach out to people! My suggestion jar kind of influenced my day. My dad and I had some of the same ideas. I picked 3 slips of paper and they helped me to come up with ideas on what to do. But first, I made myself breakfast. I had a veggie egg and cheese bagelwich, granola with berries, a chai latte and a clementine. IMG_2430

After breakfast I got started on my bedroom. I moved everything out of it except for the bed. I then got spackle and went to work on filling the hundreds of push pin holes that were in the wall. There is a section of one wall that I am going to have to skim coat before I sand and paint. After I finished spackling I marked my cedar for mortise and tenon joints. My dad told me to mark 1/4 inch in on each edge on each end of each piece. (New record for amount of times “each” was used in a sentence?) That took me a while to make sure I had it perfectly marked. Once I finished with that I got to work on fixing my lunch. I made another turkey bagelwich, but sadly the top of my bagel split into pieces when I was slicing it in half. I also had carrots, a peanut butter banana smoothie and spicy vegetable chili. IMG_2431

Then my mom and I were off to the barn! I haven’t been out there in AGES because of the yucky weather. I really missed my Vinnie! I was shocked that the arena was half snow and half water. The round pen was also completely covered with snow! The snow had melted everywhere else, but because the round pen and half the arena is in constant shade they were still snowy. I didn’t mind just grooming Vinnie though. I didn’t take off his blanket because I though it was unnecessary to expose him to the cold wind for no reason. I took the time focusing on getting him clipped. His whiskers and bridle path were in dire need of a good trim. Before and after shots:ImageImageImage He was really hoping my phone was a treat. Then I just wanted to snuggle up with him haha.Image

Back at home I was about to start making the cuts on the lines I drew on the cedar. My dad came and then him and I decided we should make the cuts 1/2 inch in instead of 1/4 inch. So I had to go back and redo each and every line. My dad and I then struggled with the saws to make a good cut. We only got one end of one piece of wood close to done. The cedar was just so hard the hand saw we have was struggling. Even the circular saw we have was complicated. It is just hard to get an accurate line when sawing by hand, especially the cuts that we have to make off the end of the boards. I think next we will try using a plunge cut with the jigsaw. Nothing is ever easy!

We called it quits and I went in for my snack. I had a yogurt and trail mix. Yum!IMG_2432

I spent some time playing sudoku and then made a breakfast sandwich for tomorrow morning. I have to go to work with my dad tomorrow and I didn’t think I would be in the mood to make anything in the morning since I will be up earlier than usual.

Then I got in the shower and before I knew it dinner was being served! My mom made salsa chicken just by combining the two things in the crock pot and letting it cook. We also had roasted squash and zucchini and I had a sweet potato. It was a great dinner! IMG_2433

Now I am probably going to go fix a little snack so I can get to sleep before midnight!


6 thoughts on “So… Does That Count?

  1. Your day sounded very spontaneous to me. I tried to just have fun yesterday because it was snowing again we got another 5 or so inches. Madelyne and I went for a trail ride up to the tin shed. It was surprisingly plowed out. Homer got stuck in the snow twice. Then I did a three mile jog in boots, I was just slow and steady. It was beautiful. Glad you are reaching out to friends, it’s always nice to see fresh faces, just like V s face haha

  2. Congrats on completing your goal of being spontaneous! It sounds like you had a pretty eventful and fun day although any day you go to the barn is a fun day in my book. Vinnie looks very handsome with his fresh trimmings 🙂

  3. I thought your dad bought a chop saw…that’s the tool to make a nice perpendicular cut at the end of a board…maybe I am miss understanding the project so lets get a construction picture on this blog!

    • I will get a construction picture up soon! Hopefully that will clear up any confusion haha! Who knows, maybe after you get a visual of the project you might have some tips!

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