“Work” Day and a 5 Miler

Hello, hello! Hope you had an exciting Saturday. Mine was splendid! I slept in and debated going to a yoga class at the Y. I ended up not going because I didn’t have enough time to squeeze in breakfast before it was time to go. So I relaxed in bed for a few minutes and found a little inspiration from a creativity app on my phone. And from one of my cats who didn’t want me to leave my bed! ImageImageFor breakfast I made oatmeal topped with granola and berries as well as a spinach, onion and tomato scramble. Plus a chai latte and a clementine.Image I worked on my puzzles as I ate and then I got started on my “work!” I made three dishes for my client: sesame broccoli and tofu with pine nuts, savory stuffed peppers and sesame tofu and noodles in a peanut sauce. It all turned out really well!ImageImageImage

I worked in the kitchen until it was time for a late lunch. I made myself a turkey bagel-wich that I had with carrots, an apple, sun chips and a yogurt. Obviously I do my fancy cooking for my client haha 😉 Image

When I finished lunch I got ready to go to the gym with my dad. When my dad got home from work we loaded up garbage to make a stop at the dump on our way to his gym. At the gym I ran 5 miles. I think that might have been my longest run on a treadmill. Ever. So I was very happy with it! Image

When I got home I made ice bags to ice my calves. They tightened up on the ride home and for some reason are still pretty tight. Anyone out there have any tips for me to prevent that from happening?

I made my chocolate milk and then had trail mix for my snack.Image I played sudoku as I snacked and then took a nice hot shower. I relaxed and watched stuff on the Olympics before it was time for dinner. My dad made some delicious fajitas! Image

Now we are watching Notting Hill and I will probably fix my snack shortly. Tomorrow is supposed to be my spontaneous day. It counts if I plan to be spontaneous, right? My parents and I each wrote down a few spontaneous activities and put them in a jar, just to get the ball rolling on this whole spontaneity thing.Image Tomorrow morning I will pick a few random suggestions from the jar and get to it! I am a little nervous, but this assignment could be good practice for dealing with the unknown. I don’t know if I will be able to make the entire day a spur of the moment kind of day, but I will try my best. Wish me luck!


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