February 14th was Just Like Every Other Day

I guess I will say Happy Valentines Day to everyone! This is by far my least favorite “holiday.” You might assume it’s because I am single and have always celebrated tolerated this holiday alone, but it is more than that for me. Valentines Day is pretty much the unluckiest day of the year for me. Well, maybe only two years has it been a bad day, but those two were rememberable enough to make me dread this day. One year my mom, sister and I were driving home and we hit a dog. It was the saddest thing ever because the dog didn’t make it but we pulled over and tried to keep it alive. We watched hopelessly in tears. It was horrible. Last year on Valentines Day I was pulled over on my way to campus in Boone. I never like to do anything wrong so I spent the rest of the day beating myself up and feeling like I had sucked all of myself into my brain, completely disconnected from my body and my surroundings. I was going through the day robotically while my mind was churning on the fact I had been pulled over. That is not a fun feeling. Then with it being V-day it was like a slap to the face because I had no one to comfort me. I got over that though. So today I just kept waiting for something bad to happen. I had all the scenarios played out in my mind so that I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them happened. And guess what? Nothing bad happened! It was just a normal day! Yippee! So it was a happy Valentines Day after all!

Last night for snack I had trail mix, strawberries, yogurt and one of my homemade bagels. Yum! Image

This morning I laid in bed till 9 and it felt wonderful! I eventually got myself up and got started on my breakfast. I made my mom and I a green smoothie and then I had Greek yogurt with homemade granola, a few blueberries and a homemade bagel with cinnamon cream cheese. Delicious 🙂 Image

I worked on my puzzles and then did some cleaning in the kitchen before I got to work on a creation. I made gluten free/sugar free pie crust for my client and then stuck it in the freezer to chill. While it chilled on worked on sanding and finally finished sanding all of the cedar for my bed frame! I came in and did a load of laundry and more dishes before I snuggled up on the couch with my mom for a few minutes before I fixed our lunches. I made her a grilled cheese and then made myself a cheese quesadilla that I ate with chicken tortilla soup and fruit.Image After I finished lunch I got to work on assembling a pie for my client. I decided to make a sweet potato pie that fits her dietary needs. I have never made (or even tasted!) sweet potato pie before, but I decided to go for it! I even got a litle creative with the crust. I coated it with cinnamon and then rolled it up before slicing it and pressing it into the pie dish. Then I got to work on the filling! It smelled incredible. It might have even smelled better than pumpkin pie… and I am obsessed with pumpkin pie. ImageImage

After my pie finished baking I got to work on making a grocery list for the meals I have planned to make for my client. The majority of the snow and ice melted today, so the roads looked safe to venture out to the grocery store. There were a few parts of one road that were still snowy, so I had a little fun driving through that. On my way back I was bummed that I got stuck behind a snow plow on the same road. I was excited to take on the road, but the plow stopped me. I still managed to do a little sliding around when I was going up a hill by the river. My dad has clearly rubbed off on me when it comes to driving in snow haha.

When I got home I fixed a quick snack. I had a glass of milk and another bagel that I toasted and had with a slice of cheese.Image I got a few things prepped for cooking and then helped my dad with our dinner. We made zucchini chips that we first browned in a skillet and then we baked them up. Seasoned with pepper and a dash of salt. I think I could have eaten 5 large zucchini if they were all cooked like that. We also had pork chops and I cooked sweet potatoes in the microwave.Image My poor mom has a cold, so she has been in bed or on the couch all day long. She is probably enjoying not doing anything.

It feels good to relax a little now. I hope you had a great day spent with your loved ones! Enjoy your weekend!


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