I Already Have Cabin Fever

It just started snowing today around 1 in the afternoon and I am already done with it. The roads are AWFUL. The news shows that every single road in Durham and Raleigh has stand still traffic. I have been home all day and I am already ready for the snow to melt so I can venture out into the world. Unfortunately, the snow is still coming down. I took pictures of the progression:ImageImageImageImage

Power is expected to go out, so if I haven’t posted any updates in the near future, the power is out. 

Since I have been cooped up all day, I don’t have anything exciting to share. Maybe tomorrow I will be more creative with my time?

Last night for dinner I made a broccoli and cheese soup with cornbread. It was good, but I think I will make some tweaks before I share the recipe 🙂 Image As I was making it, I bit the end off of a carrot just to remove it and I ended up breaking the annoying wire that is my permanent retainer for my bottom teeth. It only broke on one side, but that’s still broken.

For my snack I had an apple and an almond butter + nutella sandwich.Image

Today’s E’s and A’s


For breakfast I made egg white oatmeal topped with berries and sunflower butter. I also had a chai latte and sweet baby peppers.Image

My morning snack was a clementine and a toasted sandwich thin with almond butter.Image

For lunch I made hot chocolate, a turkey bacon and spinach grilled cheese, banana with cinnamon, more sweet baby peppers (they are a veggie that is broken permanent retainer friendly) and crackers. Very yummy!Image

I just finished eating my second snack which was a Kind bar. Image


I tried to get a lot of dishes and laundry done today, just incase we do lose power. I thought about driving into Durham to do my running at the Y, but I wasn’t feeling motivated to drive that much. I did some reading before bundling up to do my run outside. I didn’t have a set distance or time in mind for my run today, but when I set out on my run I decided I would go for 5 miles around the neighborhood. Around mile 2.5 I started to see a few flurries and by the time I hit 3.5 the snow was really starting to come down. The wind was blowing as well the snow was blowing right in my eyes. I decided to end my run at 4 miles because I was blinking so much I might as well have been running with my eyes closed!Image

I watched a few shows on my laptop and did some more reading throughout the afternoon and evening. It does feel good to relax, but I just feel like I have a need to do something more with my time right now! Do you ever feel like that?

It sounds like the snow is starting to turn to freezing rain… that means ice and power outages… If you are experiencing this snow, I hope you stay warm and safe!


4 thoughts on “I Already Have Cabin Fever

    • When I got my braces off I was hoping for the Invisalign retainer. Permanent retainers are awful! I’ve known several people who have had theirs break and it makes flossing such a hassle. And I still have to wear a big clunky normal retainer at night!

      Wow, we really must be different species! 55 sounds great to me right now!

  1. Yep snow day here also. The cancellation call came when I was in the barn. I went about getting ready for school and awakened Mitch, he said Mom, schools cancelled, I felt silly, then changed into comfy clothes. I plan on making cranberry oatmeal cookies for the family for V-day. Hope u have power, and b safe.

    • Haha, I feel like I have done that before, except I woke up and read my clock wrong so I got ready for school and then my mom told me it was like 2 in the morning! Those cookies sound yummy 🙂

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