Back at it

You know I had a busy day when I don’t type up my post until after 11 at night! This morning came way too quickly for me. I didn’t want the weekend to end! I was having such an amazing time with everyone who came to visit. 

This morning I woke up early so I spent time writing my Morning Pages and doing some reflecting. Then I was off to the kitchen to make my breakfast. I made a bowl of oatmeal, a chai latte and an egg white, green pepper and spinach scramble. Plus a doughnut from the KKC! Image

I worked on the puzzles as I ate, with the help of Madelyne. We then decided what our plans would be for the rest of the morning. We decided to just take it easy, so Madelyne and Matt worked on getting packed up and I got started on making meals for my client. That is how the entire morning was spent. Around noon we headed into Durham to hit up Don Cecilios for Mexican food. Madelyne always has to have Mexican while she is down here because there aren’t any good places up north. That was just fine by me! I ordered the lunch chicken fajitas and they were sizzlin’ hot and fantastic. Image

We chatted as we ate and then we had to say our goodbyes. I will see them again in a month, so it wasn’t that hard of a goodbye, but it still sucks going back to being solo haha. We drove separately so they could hit the road and so I could do errands in Durham. I went to Harris Teeter to pick up a few necessities for my recipes. Then I went to the Y where I think I ran my fastest 3 miles yet 🙂 Image I also did some ab exercises and got a nice sweat going! 

Once I got home I fixed my chocolate milk and then grabbed an unopened box of Krispy Kremes to take to Marty at the barn. He joked that doughnuts are his one true weakness, so I figured I would share them since we had extra! I hope he got them before any animals did…

I spent the rest of the day cooking for my client. Literally, the rest of the day. I just finished and I only took breaks to have snack and dinner. For my snack I had PB2 toast, banana and Triscuits. Image

For dinner I had green beans, stewed yellow squash and leftover pork tenderloin.Image

Now I am snacking on an almond butter and nutella sandwich. I already finished the yogurt mixed with blueberries and raspberries. That was yummy though! Definitely hit the spot.Image

Tomorrow I will share the things I made for my client! Now I am going to go finish my snack and do some MUCH needed relaxing/sleeping! Goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Hi Beth..Madelyne has a brother Heath who would love it for you to move to Pittsburgh and be his personal chef! We went out to dinner with him on Sunday and he was moaning how awful his diet is and what a chore it is to cook! Glad you had a super weekend!

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