Time Out

This weekend has gone by way too quickly. Anyone else agree?

Last night for dinner we had a variety of roasted veggies, sweet potato and pork tenderloin. It was fantastic! Image

We ended up playing catchphrase for a while, boys vs. girls. Us girls started off strong but then the boys came back to beat us, best out of five. My aunt really wanted to play again to have the chance to beat them, but we were all so tired from the early morning wake up call for the Krispy Kreme Challenge. I had a clementine and trail mix for my snack, which I enjoyed back in bed while I watched the Vampire Diaries. Image

I woke up early this morning, even though I went to bed at 1ish. Since everyone else was still asleep I decided to do my breathing exercises/meditation and then I wrote my Morning Pages before watching Netflix. I eventually rolled out of bed and made myself breakfast. I fixed an egg with veggies loaded on top and a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries. Plus a clementine and a mug of cherry tea.Image I relaxed as everyone else ate their breakfast and then I worked on the puzzles for the day. We said our goodbyes to my aunt and uncle. I am still so happy that they made the trip from PA just for one full day here!

After relaxing for a little longer Madelyne, Matt and I got ready to go to Chapel Hill. We decided to go to Time Out for lunch. It was featured on Man vs. Food so we thought it would be great to check it out. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t what we were expecting at all. I was expecting it to be a restaurant but it was an order at the counter place. It was still yummy! I had chopped chicken barbecue with green beans and a biscuit. Image

After we ate our lunch we decided to walk around UNC’s campus. It was absolutely GORGEOUS. The size is a little intimidating, but it seems to be relatively easy to navigate! It was just beautiful and I could definitely see myself there. ImageImageImageImageImage

Once we were done walking around we got back in the car and headed to Duke. Yes, I know, we visited the campuses of some of the biggest rivals ever. We walked around The Wall and then walked down Ninth Street to give Matt a little view of the Durham Life. We did so much walking! I drove around a little to show them a few different apartments to consider before heading home. It felt so good to relax after a day out!

For my snack I made a chai latte and then I had pretzels and apple slices dipped in almond butter. IMG_2367

For dinner we each kind of made our own thing using leftovers. I used leftover chicken to make a buffalo chicken sandwich with white american cheese. I also had a few sweet mini peppers. IMG_2368

Now we are all relaxing on the couch. I think it is going to be an early night for us. We are all pretty tired from the events of the weekend! I hope your weekend was filled with tremendous joy!


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