Tomorrow is the Big Day!

I am going to take you through my Friday quickly so I can try and catch some sleep before the big day tomorrow!

I woke up and made my breakfast before I did some power cleaning. I made oatmeal topped with chocolate cereal, a berry and spinach smoothie (I like my green smoothie better) a chai latte and a clementine on the side. ImageImage

Madelyne and Matt made it here right at noon and we chatted and caught up until my mom got home a little after one. I was just so excited to have them here! For lunch I made myself a turkey sandwich that I ate with pretzels, an apple, carrots and a yogurt. Image

After lunch I got ready for the barn and took Maddie and Matt out with me. I lunged Vinnie and he was perfect! Madelyne said it was because Matt is an animal whisperer. I’d like to believe that Vinnie has just drastically improved, no offense Matt haha. Image

After the barn I took them to the Waterfall Trail and we had so much fun hiking the short trail and jumping on all the rocks! ImageImageImageImage

When we got home I worked on part of my application for NC State before I fixed my snack. My aunt and uncle arrived just before I started making my cheese quesadilla. I also had a little trail mix as part of my snack.Image I had a great evening filled with so many laughs! We just had stories on top of stories that almost had us in tears from laughing so much. For dinner we grilled up burgers (turkey and beef) and made a few sides as well. I had a turkey burger with peppers and roasted zucchini.Image We spent hours talking and it was so nice to be surrounded by family.

It was a little hard for me to deal with the amount of food that we had. I still get overwhelmed when my mom brings home random things from the grocery store. I struggled a little too when the adults were talking about their weight loss. That and Kris Letang, my favorite hockey player, had a stroke. I don’t know why I feel so down about that. I think it was just a combination of emotions that made me feel not so happy-go-lucky.

In other news, I talked to Mary today and got some feedback from my client. The feedback was great! There are just a few things I need to tweak and that should be easy. I didn’t get any cooking done today, but it was a busy day.

Tomorrow is the big day! We are all waking up super early to go to Raleigh for the Krispy Kreme Challenge! I can’t believe the moment I have been waiting for is finally here after 8 weeks of training. It is going to be cold and rainy, but I am still looking forward to it! Wish me luck! Now I’m off to have a quick snack before bed. Goodnight!


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