It’s Olympic Time!

I LOVE the Olympics! I can’t decide which I like better, winter or summer. I can’t even decide what my favorite events are. I like the figure skating, snowboarding and hockey the most I think. All I know is after I watch a lot of these events I wish I could do them! I am watching figure skating right now as I type this up! Although, I thought the Olympics started tomorrow? Or is it just the opening ceremony that is tomorrow?

Anyways, let me take you back to yesterday. I think I left off at lunch. I made soup and had it with carrots, an apple and crackers.Image

I did some more chores around the house and did some sanding as well. I would say that I kept myself busy up until snack time where I made myself a sunflower butter sandwich and cinnamon greek yogurt. Image

For dinner I made a fantastic creation! I stuffed chicken with spinach, provolone and ham. My mom roasted yellow squash and zucchini and I also had a sweet potato. It was so yummy!Image I watched the Penguins game and played sudoku before hitting up Netflix. For my snack I had milk, a banana and trail mix. Image


This morning I woke up and did my routine. I did my Morning Pages and then did my breathing and thinking exercises. For breakfast I made my self vanilla cinnamon eggy oats and a chai latte.Image After I finished my puzzles I started to do my planning for my client. I did some research on IBS and then picked recipes I thought would be good. I created my shopping list and then whipped up my morning snack. I made a green smoothie and it was delicious as always!Image Then I got everything I needed for the rest of the day and I headed out the door to PiYo!

It was a different instructor today but it was still a great class. It was nice to do some completely different moves than what we typically do with the usual instructor. I want to say it was a little easier, but it was still a great workout! Time flew by and before I knew it I was on my way to get my mom and I lunch. Of course Whole Foods was where I went! I made myself a salad with quinoa, black beans, peppers, cucumber, a hard boiled egg, and italian dressing. I also got a variety of fruits and a greek yogurt. Mmmm… so fresh 🙂Image

After I was done eating lunch with my mom I was off to Raleigh to pick up the Krispy Kreme Challenge race packets! Packet pick up started at 4 and I got there around 3:40. There was a short line already formed so I got in line and man was I glad I got there early. So after waiting for a while (they started a few minutes late) we were released to walk down the hallways and stairs to the room where everything was given out. I got my race bib and t-shirt as well as the t-shirts for my parents, aunt and uncle who are all supporters. They had everything spread out based on last name, so I got nervous and freaked out when it came time to getting my cousin’s and her boyfriend’s bibs and shirts (I didn’t really freak out. I just for some reason felt like I had to go all the way to the back of the line to get to the other part of the alphabet, even though other people were “cutting the line” to get to all the different last names for the people they were picking up for). It wasn’t bad though, the line was long but it moved quickly and I think I was out of there a little after 4:30. Check out these babies!Image I am so excited!

After I picked up all the bibs and shirts I went across the street to Harris Teeter to do the grocery shopping for the things I am making my client this week. I had a short list so It was a quick in and out. Now comes the miserable part of my day. The drive home from Raleigh was torture. Traffic downtown was awful and then the sections of the highway with stoplights took 30 minutes when it should have taken 5. I was furious. I think I was just ready to get home. I also had to stop for gas so that put me back 5 minutes. Then the weirdest thing happened. When I got off on my exit Old Blue stalled 3 or 4 times. I was scared I was going to be stranded in the middle of the road. I was just glad I wasn’t on the highway. Once I got it to stay cranked I was able to get home without a problem. It was just so strange. When I got home I took care of the groceries and then fixed my snack. It was late, about 6:30, but I still fixed myself something decent. I had trail mix, mini cheese cracker sandwiches and some pretzels.Image I worked on a sudoku puzzle before making my first recipe for my client. I made a white lasagna with butternut squash. It is gluten free, too! I had a lot of fun making the béchamel sauce. This dish smelled incredible. Image

For dinner my mom made pasta and andouille sausage with grape tomatoes and green beans. It was very flavorful! Image

Tomorrow morning is going to be a busy one! I am going to try and get a lot of cooking and cleaning done before Madelyne and Matt roll in. They are waking up at an absurd hour so that they can get here around noon I can’t wait! I wish they could just teleport and be here NOW! Then my aunt and uncle will arrive a little later in the day. I can’t wait to see everyone!

What is you favorite sport/event of the Olympics? 


3 thoughts on “It’s Olympic Time!

  1. Okay so I accidentally must have unfollowed you and was really concerned because you weren’t showing up in my Reader. I’m glad you’re posting and I was just being scatter brained and must have done something weird.

    Anyway. Traffic is the BANE of my existence. I am not a patient person, and I think it’s just the worst. This is why I absolutely agree with you that science can stop with the space travel and self-driving cars and focus instead on teleportation. I’ll take a teleporter over Google Glass any day.

    Also, I’m a little ball of gray and grump and hate sports and teamwork; therefore I’m not a fan of the Olympics. But figure skating is fun cause of the outfits, so there’s that.

    • I saw the notification where you followed me and I was so confused because I knew you already followed me haha. I agree. Why does the everyday person need space travel? And there will still be traffic with self driving cars. The outfits for figure skating are fun to see. I am glad you get some enjoyment out of that, especially sine the Olympics are all people will be talking about for a while!

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