Week of the KKC!

It is finally the week of the Krispy Kreme Challenge! All of my hard work and training is about to pay off. I am so excited to see family and friends this weekend!

Last week of training:

  • Monday: run 40 minutes
  • Tuesday: cross train
  • Wednesday: run 30 minutes
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: KKC!

I managed to enjoy myself as I stayed busy today. I woke up and wrote my Morning Pages before fixing my breakfast. I made another green smoothie (banana, PB, almond milk, spinach) and a big bowl of oatmeal.Image Once I completed the puzzles for the day I got to work on baking some desserts for my client. I made a gluten free apple crisp and a banana and apple bake. They both smelled delicious and the small crumbles I tasted were amazing. Once I finished baking those I went on my 40 minute run jog around the neighborhood.Image I went super slow and steady today, but I was just taking it easy. I downed my chocolate milk after my run along with a good amount of water. Image

Next on my list was to make energy bars. I transformed my Bak ball recipe to one that will work for my client and I am making them in bar form instead of balls. I also made homemade Larabars using dried dates, mixed nuts and a little peanut butter. They are both cooling in the fridge still so I haven’t cut them into bars yet. I am a little scared that they won’t hold their form, but I will have to test it out eventually!

For lunch I made a huge turkey sandwich that I had with an apple, orange pepper slices, cheese and crackers.Image We accidentally left the buffalo chicken out so I wasn’t able to try it for lunch today 😦 After lunch I got started on laundry and did some paperwork/organizing for tomorrow. I did a coconut oil treatment in my hair as I worked on that. After letting my hair sit for a while I jumped in the shower. Once I was all fresh I decided to do some relaxing. I read as I waited between laundry loads.

For my snack I had Greek yogurt and Blueberry Blaze trail mix.Image Once I finished my snack I did dishes and then went back to relaxing. I was just about to start this post when my dad summoned me to help him with the miter saw. He redid the master bathroom floor and wanted to get part of the baseboards done. So I ended up helping him with that for a while. Then I had to help put the toilet back in place. Yuck! I had fun with the baseboards though. I was happy to help. Once we finished up it was about 8:30 so I used leftover taco seasoned turkey to make my mom and I Mexican sweet potatoes and I made my dad a quesadilla. Delicioso! Image

To put the cherry on top of this fabulous day, the Penguins had a great overtime win tonight!

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day! I am meeting my client to give her all of her meals and snacks and then I have appointments with Mary, Dr. Chung and Lori. But why stop there? I am also going to dinner and a movie with the guys. It should be a good day! Now I am off for my snack!


6 thoughts on “Week of the KKC!

  1. Wow, you have a lot going on–training, client meals, appointments and socializing. All sounds like fun.

    I have to share with you: I tried your green smoothie about an hour ago. I LOVE it!! It’s super delicious, and my turned out even greener, so I probably overdid it on the spinach (I live alone, so greens always go bad unless I eat them super quickly!), and even so I couldn’t taste it at all. If anything, the spinach just improves the texture. I added some vanilla extract just ’cause and am looking forward to making more.

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