Another Weekend Come and Gone

Did you have a good Superbowl Sunday? Did you do anything special with friends or family? My day was spent like a normal day. No big Superbowl party for these Crums.

I slept great last night after having a bowl of yogurt, granola and berries and a side of trail mix.Image Maybe that combination creates a slumber inducing effect caused by happiness because it is becoming one of my favorite snacks that I crave. Do you ever crave simple foods that aren’t sweets? I crave classics like peanut butter sandwiches, trail mix, Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. I am pretty sure I could live off of those things. Anyways, I slept great and when I woke up this morning I was ready to get my day started. I wrote my Morning Pages before heading out to the kitchen. For breakfast I had granola with berries (yes, again) and an egg and cheese sandwich. I also had a clementine and a chai latte.Image After finishing my puzzles I got started on another recipe for my client. I made a ginger carrot and potato soup and it smelled very flavorful. Then I got to work on creating a dessert that is gluten free and sugar free. That was challenging, but I think they turned out! I made peanut butter cookie banana “ice cream” sandwiches. The banana “ice cream” is a banana mixed with greek yogurt, vanilla and stevia. I think the recipe might need some tweaking, but I think it will still be yummy. It just might not be that pretty haha. Once I finished with the desserts I quickly fixed my lunch before I got ready to go to the barn. I had a sunflower butter sandwich, an apple, carrots and a strawberry banana Greek yogurt. Image

I had a great time at the barn! I rode Vinnie again and he was so good! I cantered the around the entire arena a few times with no cross-cantering (Vinnie used to swap his back lead whenever I would go down the straight away) and I was so pleased! I told Renee that I thought about trying a draw rein on Vinnie and then she made the suggestion of trying a German martingale with him and she asked if I wanted to go ahead and try it, so that is just what I did! Second direction I used the German martingale and Renee and Lena both agreed that he looked much better. Vinnie was just so good today! It made me so happy 🙂 He looks like such a goofball eating his hay. Image

When I got home I took advantage of the warm weather and did some more sanding. I still have more things to sand, but I got two pieces done today. I took a break between sanding the two pieces to have my snack of Triscuits and trail mix.Image I sanded up all the way to the Superbowl!

A little before halftime my dad and I got started on making dinner. We quickly put together individual taco “pizzas” and they were so good!Image We also made some buffalo chicken and a queso dip, but I wasn’t hungry enough for them. I think I will use the leftover buffalo chicken tomorrow for my lunch though!

My favorite commercials from the Superbowl were the Doberhuahua Audi commercial, the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial and the Oikos commercial. What were your favorite commercials?


2 thoughts on “Another Weekend Come and Gone

  1. David Beckham, he looked awesome haha, we made a huge veggie tray and some homemade hot pockets. Commercials were fa bettr than the game. Of couse we all loved both Budweiser commercials, we all tered up a little, can’t wait to see u Friday

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