How Did I Manage to do ALL of That?

After today, I am going to sleep like a rock tonight! I got so much done today, but I feel like there was still a ton of stuff that I didn’t get to. Tomorrow will be another good day for me to get things taken care of though.

So last night for dinner I made myself smothered chicken (chicken, provolone, peppers and onions) and some bow tie pasta with spaghetti sauce.Image Then I got started on one of the dishes for my client! I made the rice and pesto (shown below with my other creations) before I relaxed and then fixed my snack. I had a yogurt, berries and trail mix. Image

This morning I woke up and wrote my morning pages before I fixed my breakfast. I made a scramble with left over peppers and onions and spinach. I also had overnight oatmeal mixed with granola and a chai latte. Image

After I ate and did the crossword puzzle with my dad I got started on making some more dishes! I worked in the kitchen all morning and I feel like I got some great recipes cooked up!

Layered Rice and Pesto BakeImage

Cheesy Chicken Potato CasseroleImage

Ground Turkey and Rice Stuffed Acorn SquashImage

Creamy Sweet Potato SoupImage

Turkey, Rice, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Spinach mixture with Stewed Yellow Squash (I didn’t take a picture of that one).

Tomorrow I am going to make one more soup and then desserts and energy bars! I am excited, I had so much fun in the kitchen today, I can’t wait to spend more time being creative tomorrow.

A little after 11 I took a few minutes to have my snack. I had a piece of toast topped with peanut butter and banana slices.ImageThen I was back to cooking. At about 1:15 I got ready to go for my run. I got my 4.5 miles in and it felt great. I was debating running 2.5 miles and then running the remaining 2 miles later, but I managed to just push through the feeling of not having enough time to get everything done. I felt like I was running out of time, but I calmed myself down and reminded myself that I still have tomorrow to get things done. I tried to pick up my pace a little, but I think after running a few of the hills I slowed down to my usual casual jogging pace. Blarg. I was still very happy because I ran the entire thing and I was happy with my time. I was a little random when it came to which road I ran down, but I feel like it kept me from getting bored. Image

After my run I fixed my chocolate milk before making my lunch. I made a rice bowl featuring the remaining left over peppers and onions, pepper jack cheese and Trader Joe’s beef-less beef. And an apple! Image

Once I finished eating I headed out to the barn to get my horse time in 🙂 It was a great day for the barn, well, it wasn’t sunny, but it was warmer than it has been. When I got there I talked to Renee for a few minutes before I got Vinnie. Frisco joined Vinnie and I in the aisle for a minute or two. She just stood there and barked at us haha. Vinnie was very interested in her.ImageImage Renee got G ready to ride while I got Vinnie ready. I lunged him a little before riding and I was glad I did because Vinnie was kind of crazy when I lunged him. He bucked and tossed his head WAY more than normal. But then he was perfectly fine when I rode him. He was such a good boy, too. Vinnie did good riding with G in the arena. It was different than riding with Ray because G is a hunter horse as well, where as Ray is western. Vinnie would kind of want to speed up whenever G would pass him though. Good practice. I even cantered him with another horse in the ring. Another thing I did was I used the whole arena, instead of just one end (just at the walk and trot, I still went in a smaller circle for the canter), and he was great! He didn’t spook or anything. I was super proud of him. Once we were done riding, Renee and I talked some more. She is so entertaining, I feel like I could talk to her for hours about horses and crafts haha. I spent around three hours out there and it was so relaxing.

When I got home I had pretzels and trail mix for snack.Image I can’t get enough trail mix! Then I did dishes and cleaned up from my busy kitchen day. Then I took a much needed hot shower. After my shower I relaxed for a while before I fixed dinner. My mom was feeling awful again today so my dad and I did our own thing for dinner. He made a quesadilla while I fixed a salad and a grilled cheese. My grilled cheese was a mega one. I used white cheddar, pepper jack and a laughing cow queso fresco wedge. Yummm.Image I watched some Netflix and played sudoku to unwind from the day.

It has been hard for me to remember that these things I do don’t need to be stressful. I just get worked up because I feel like there is so much to do and I forget that I have multiple days to do them all. Whenever I got the slightest hint of feeling stressed I took a breather and told myself to enjoy what I was doing at the current moment instead of worrying about the next thing on my to-do list.

Well, I think I am off to have my snack before I call it a night! Hope you had a wonderful Saturday and enjoy your Sunday!


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