Another Snow Day

Do you like how I call it a snow day even though I am not really getting out of anything? Do we ever grow out of our “education days” where we get excited that things get canceled because of snow, even if it wouldn’t have an effect on us anyways?

Yesterday’s snow day was somewhat productive. I started marking recipes for my side job and then took a break to catch up on some tv shows. I feel like there isn’t much to recap haha.

For my morning snack I had pudding, a clementine and a Bak ball. Image

For lunch I made a turkey, apple, brie, raspberry preserve sandwich that was amazing. I ate it with a few banana slices, green pepper and pretzels. Image

Shortly after lunch I joined my dad on a trip to his gym. A few roads were still pretty bad. The drivers were worse though. No one down here knows how to drive in snowy conditions. They break when they shouldn’t and drive too slow. Oh well. I ran my 3 miles on the treadmill and then did a few random exercises like the overhead press and planks.Image

My dad stopped for a few lottery tickets. I am guessing we didn’t win or else I think he would have stayed home this morning instead of going into work. Anyways, when we got home I had my chocolate milk and then I relaxed before having a Kind bar for my snack. Image

My dad cooked/grilled dinner last night and it was delicious. He baked some squash and carrots and grilled a pork tenderloin. I zapped a sweet potato in the microwave and topped it with a garlic and herb laughing cow cheese wedge. Yum!Image

I spent the rest of the night relaxing and then before going to bed I had a snack of greek yogurt topped with berries, sunflower butter and cereal.Image

I slept amazingly. I woke up and fought Bearfoot as she tried to eat my pencil as I wrote my morning pages. Then I migrated to the kitchen and put my breakfast on the stove. I made plain old oatmeal and then topped it with strawberries and two Bak balls. Can you tell I am trying to finish off my Bak balls? I also had a clementine.Image

I did my daily puzzles as I ate and now I think I am off to do a little more work on this glorious snow day before heading into Durham for PiYo!


8 thoughts on “Another Snow Day

  1. Do we ever grow out of our “education days” – No. I mean, I never, ever had snow days, but I know the excitement because of the one time in elementary school when there was a power outage and we could all go home.

    No one down here knows how to drive in snowy conditions. – You would go nuts here. It started sprinkling, so everyone just braked.

    • You have never had a snow day?! Everything I ever thought about that area’s weather was all wrong! So it rarely rains there as well? I think I am slowly being convinced that I need to move out there… hahaha!

      • It very, very, VERY rarely snows in the Sacramento and Bay Area, and if it does, it’s really just a thin little layer that only lasts long enough for some photos. It does snow in Tahoe, about 100 miles northeast of Sacramento. Mostly it’s just beautiful sunshine and Pacific Ocean. I have no idea how people live in cold weather.

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