I Felt My Heart Stop

This morning feels like it was days ago after the afternoon I had… Goodness, it was scary. I am going to keep you in suspense for a quick moment as I do the normal thing of sharing my meals, starting with last night.

For dinner I made myself a taco salad and then cheesy angel hair pasta.IMG_2281

Last night’s snack was a variety of things. Trail mix, banana chips, dried cranberries, greek yogurt and caramel crisps. IMG_2282

This morning I slept in some before waking up to do my breathing/thinking exercises and my Morning Pages. Then I fixed another oatmeal, egg, granola and berry bowl that I had with a clementine and a chai latte.IMG_2284

I worked on the crossword puzzle with my dad and then did a few random things before I got ready to go grocery shopping with my dad. My mom made the shopping list and the meal plan while we worked on the crossword. My dad and I did the shopping since my mom still isn’t feeling 100%. On the way to Costco I had my snack of a Kind bar and a few pretzels.IMG_2285 We got the things we needed from Costco and then we went to Food Lion to get the remaining items. Even though we had a list it still managed to take us 3 hours haha. My dad and I just like to look at all the deals and options. I was trying to hurry through it though since I wanted to get out to the barn!

When we got back home I quickly put together my lunch and then scarfed it down. I had chicken tortilla soup, an apple, sweet baby peppers and mini cheese cracker sandwiches.IMG_2286 I was going to have yogurt, but I put it back in the fridge to have with my snack. I just wanted to get to the barn!

I got to the barn a little after 2:30 and got Vinnie all ready to ride! I did a light lunge before I jumped up in the saddle. I had fun working with Vinnie. He was a good boy and he was listening really well. I just did walk trot today (more walking than trotting) and I really tried to get him moving and lifting his shoulders. He also had the challenge of lunging while Renee was riding G. It was funny to watch him get mad at G for “invading” his lunging space. Then Renee also rode Ray while I rode Vinnie. So they all got good practice of working with another horse in the arena. Then the weirdest, scariest thing happened. I was walking Vinnie out, and he stopped to itch his leg, like normal, then him started to paw at the ground. I got him to stop and he walked on, but after a few steps he all of a sudden laid down. In the arena. With me on his back. All I could say was “oh” as Vinnie collapsed to the ground and as I slid off him, some how very smoothly before he hit the ground. Renee looked over because she heard my “oh” and we both just looked at him in shock as he tried to roll. I stopped him and got him to stand back up. We just kind of laughed about it because it is Vinnie. He is known to do weird things. Although that was the first time he has ever done that, we didn’t worry. But then he laid down again as I was collecting my lunge line and lunge whip. This time it was like he was down for good. He wasn’t trying to roll or anything. I had no idea what to do. I was starting to get worried because that just is not normal. I started to panic and tears started to fill my eyes as I struggled to remove the saddle. Marty and Renee were thankfully there to help out. Renee helped me to calm down and assess the situation. I thought he was going to colic. Then when he went flat on the ground a made a weird groan/sign I thought for sure he was having an aneurism. Either way I thought my sweet, crazy boy was dying right before my eyes. After a few minutes of letting him lay there I stood him back up. We took him down to the barn and gave him some betamine just incase it was colic. I was scared that it was because he didn’t use the bathroom at all like he usually does. We put him in a stall to keep an eye on him. He pooped, so that was good news. We also heard stomach noises and he didn’t look like he was in distress. He wasn’t sweaty, pacing, or breathing hard. He was being his normal self. He even was sticking his nose through the bars like he used to do when he lived in the stall. 1-26

We have no idea why he did that. Maybe he is just smart and thought it would be a good way to get me off his back? Maybe he just really wanted to lay down? It will remain a mystery. We waited a while to make sure he was alright before I put him back out in his pasture. I was so thankful to have Renee and Marty there.

When I got home around 5:30 I fixed my snack. I had a grilled cheese and my yogurt from lunch.IMG_2287 Then I put together nutrition facts for a crock pot recipe that my mom made and wanted to know the info for. She made a banana bread quinoa bake thing. Not sure how it will be, but maybe I will try it tomorrow for breakfast. Then I made my Bak Balls again.

For dinner my dad actually cooked. I think he was really excited about it too. He made tilapia quesadillas. They were awesome too! He spiced up the filets and then baked them. Then he assembled the quesadillas. They were filled with tilapia, cheese, cooked peppers and onions and then we added cabbage, pico, and a lemony honey mustard yogurt sauce. We also had some killer black beans as a side. It was a great dinner!IMG_2288 It made me a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how much olive oil my dad used for everything. I don’t know why my dad’s cooking scares me sometimes. I think just because he eye balls ingredients, and that makes me nervous and then my brain goes into freak out mode where I think that the entire amount of a certain ingredient will only be going into my body. I was able to calm my train of thought and I believe I modestly filled out my bubbles.

Now I am just trying to relax a little bit to ease my mind. Renee just texted me to tell me that Vinnie is doing fine! He drank water and was nickering and whinnying for his dinner. I am so relieved to hear that. I couldn’t imagine what I would have done if things took a turn for the worst.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me. I will be up bright and early to take my mom to work. After I drop her off I am going to do my running at the Y before I pick her back up for another doctor appointment at 10. Then I would really like to go to the barn and spend some time with Vinnie. I also have a project at home to work on that involves lots of sanding! Alright, I am off to have a quick snack before I hit the hay!


2 thoughts on “I Felt My Heart Stop

  1. Glad V is fine. Shiloh did that with Mad during a trail ride, and he pawed then went down . He chose a puddle to roll in. We thought it had to do with having the need to scratch especially with long winter hair. It is a scarey thing. We have another snow day today, this is the 3rd one this month, and it is not looking any better for tomorrow. Well give V a big hug and tell him not to do that again, haha love u

  2. That sounds like a super scary experience with Vinnie. I’m glad he’s okay and that you weren’t alone!

    Tilapia is amazing. I really hope this isn’t a phase, but, after a lifetime of hating it, I’m now SUPER into seafood.

    “hit the hay” Love it. You’re really just a lil pony yourself, at heart 🙂

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