The Headless Snowman

Well friends, the weekend is already half over. Where does the time go?

I started off the day with my Morning Pages and breathing/thinking exercises before I got up to make my breakfast. I have seen eggs added to oatmeal around the web so I decided to give it a try. With my loaded oatmeal I use egg whites, but this morning I added a whole egg. After I added the oats I added the egg. I think I need to add the egg sooner or whisk it before I add it. I dropped it in and went to wash my hands before I thoroughly blended it, and so there were a few small chunks of egg whites that cooked quickly. It made the oatmeal incredibly creamy. I added cinnamon and topped it with granola and berries. It was a great way to add healthy fat and protein to oatmeal with one simple ingredient where the flavor is disguised. Add a hot chai latte and it was a great breakfast! Image

My mom helped me with the crossword as I ate and then when both the puzzle and my breakfast were finished I got started on doing a quick clean up. I did dishes and a load of laundry. Then I did a small organization with all the extra papers, books, cords, mail, etc. that we keep in the kitchen. Before I knew it, it was time for my morning snack. I had celery and a wrap with sunflower butter. Image

Then I got ready to go to the Y to get my run in! The plan called for a 3.5 mile run today. I began by hitting the 5k option on the treadmill. I started off at a faster pace than I usually do. The 5k treadmill workout also includes an incline for a portion of the run. I started not to feel so well so a little after I finished 2 miles I did some walking. I could have kept going, but I didn’t want to risk showing the whole gym what I had for breakfast haha. I alternated running and walking for the remainder of the 3.5 miles before I took some time to do some stretching so I could let my stomach settle and so I could loosen up the tight muscles. I knew I would be upset if I didn’t get in a full 3.5 miles of running so I decided to jump back on the treadmill where I put in another .75 miles at an easier pace. I was happy that I chose to get back on the treadmill. I was also happy that I listened to my body and took a walking break instead of pushing through discomfort that could have ended badly. ImageImage

When I got home I had my chocolate milk and then wrapped on a few ice bags for my calves before I fixed my lunch. I decided to make a little creation to test out a product that I got for my dad to try. I got beef-less beef strips from Trader Joe’s that are made out of soy. His gout has returned slightly so I wanted to get “meat” for him that wouldn’t cause a flare. I made an asian rice bowl using the beef-less beef, broccoli, sweet baby peppers, rice vinegar, soy sauce and of course, rice. It was actually good! The “beef” took a little getting used to, especially the texture (really soft?) but it was good. I am not sure if my dad will like it though. I know he wouldn’t eat this creation because he isn’t a fan of soy sauce or broccoli haha. Image

As I ate my lunch I got a phone call from my “personal chef” client! I am so excited to meet her and get started on this great opportunity to help her with her nutritional needs! Mary is going to supply me with recipes that will be suitable for her. I can’t wait!!!

Once I was done with lunch I went out to the barn for the first time in what feels likes AGES! It was so windy today. Vinnie was full of crazy energy. He was doing laps around his little pasture. He calmed down a little in the aisle while I was grooming him, but he still had a few moments where he had crazy eyes.Image I talked with Renee before I took Vinnie up to the arena to lunge him a little. Half of the arena was still frozen and dusted with snow, but the other half was thawed out. It was so funny, Renee warned me about the snowman in the front yard and how G and Ray looked at it like it was coming after them. Renee said she wish she could take pictures because G looked so hooky and flashy. I honestly was surprised that they even saw the snowman. It was just two big balls of snow that weren’t really out in the open or anything. The headless snowman was about half grass anyways haha. Sure enough, Vinnie noticed it right off the bat. He just looked at it funny and tried to speed away from it every time he passed by it, even though it was a good distance away… He got over it after a while though and was able to focus more on working. Horses are so weird in the way that they notice certain things and are scared of things that aren’t scary at all haha. And the way that they play with lead ropes… Vinnie could have entertained himself all day by chewing on and flinging the lunge line around. I am going to apply the headless snowman to human life. Sometimes we are just scared of things that don’t make a lot of sense or seem silly to others.

When I got home I took a nice hot, relaxing shower before I joined my parents on the couch. I relaxed for a bit before I fixed my snack. I made a plate of crackers, pretzels, cheese, pepperoni and apple slices.Image Yum! My all-time favorite cracker combination is a cracker with cheese, pepperoni, a piece of apple and a grape all piled on top!

My mom and I have been couch potatoes since then. Nothing wrong with doing a little relaxing! Now I am to come up with something for dinner. Our dinners have been off this week with my mom not feeling well, but we have still been managing to come up with some good things at the last minute!

Questions for you

Have you made oatmeal with an egg before? How do you make it?

Do you have a “headless snowman?” (Something you are scared of that might seem silly to an outsider)

What is your favorite cracker topping/combo?


4 thoughts on “The Headless Snowman

  1. My running buddy makes oatmeal with eggs or greek yogurt and she swears by it haha but I like mine with fruit and maybe some nut butter to keep it vegan 🙂

  2. Congrats to you on listening to your body at the gym! I hope your dad likes the beef-less beef. I’ve tried their chick’n strips (meatless) before and they were pretty gross so I stick to the quorn brand (found in some stop and shops and all whole foods) for chick’n and boca (found in almost all grocery stores) for “beef”. Yay for getting to the barn! I’m sorry your mom was not feeling well last time you were going to go, hopefully her body adjusts to the medication and those symptoms go away. It’s funny the things animals are afraid of sometimes but they probably laugh when we run from a spider…. Have a great rest of your weekend!

    • Maybe I will get those meatless options for him the next time I go to Whole Foods. Thanks for the suggestion! I hope my moms symptoms go away soon, it’s sad to see her like that. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too 🙂

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