Friday With Mom

Happy Friday! Are you glad it is the weekend?

Today has been a long day. I did manage to get a lot of reading done though!

E’s and A’s


Last night’s dinner for me was a loaded mexican sweet potato. It featured spicy chicken, cheese, pepper and onion. So good!Image

For my snack I just had a sunflower butter sandwich, an apple and a glass of milk.

This morning I made a bowl of happiness, scrambled egg and veggies and a chai latte. My bowl of happiness included oatmeal, granola, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Image

For snack I had a Kind bar as I read 🙂Image

Lunch was from my favorite go to place, Whole Foods. I had a turkey sandwich, veggies, fruit, yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar. Image

Snack number two was a little platter I made myself. I had pretzels, turkey, Triscuits and brie.Image

For dinner I used leftover taco seasoned chicken and I made a cheesy mexican rice bowl. So good and so easy!Image


So I assume you can guess that I spent the entire day with my mom? It wasn’t a bad day but it wasn’t filled with fun either haha. After breakfast I got ready to accompany my mom to her doctor’s appointment with her endocrinologist. I think that’s who it was with anyways. We think that she has been feeling dizzy because of her medicine so she wanted to see her doctor to determine if it was her medicine or not. She was there for two hours and they have no idea what it is! Now we just play the waiting game until her blood tests come back. That is when I got a good portion of my book read. After she was done at the doctors I dropped her off at her school and went to pick up lunch. We ate lunch at school and then stayed there for the rest of the day since only a few front office staff were there. It was nice to talk to the people there so it was far from torture haha. I also read a little when things got a little boring. We stayed there till 5 and then we came home!

At home my mom and I relaxed and I had my snack while I watched a show on my laptop. My mom was resting in bed so we decided not to go out for our Friday night dinner. My dad and I took advantage of some leftovers, which was perfectly fine with us! 

Now my dad and I are watching Blazing Saddles! It is a lazy Friday night at home for this family. Enjoy the night!


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