Kapowie!  Ka-PiYo! The last day and a half has been packed full of productivity! I feel like I have done so much I don’t know where I even left off last… Let me think… Ok, I will begin with yesterday’s afternoon snack? I had Triscuits, brie and a few slices of turkey.Image Then I got to work on my application. I revised my essay and then sent in my application! Then I had to request a bunch of other things to be sent to the undergraduate admissions office. I sent in a request for my SAT scores and my high school transcript to be sent. My wallet took a huge hit with everything, but it will be worth it! Then I whipped up a quick dinner for my dad and I. My mom wasn’t feeling well so she just had a peanut butter sandwich. I cooked up some sun dried tomato chicken sausage and I roasted zucchini and green pepper in the oven. I made myself a pasta portion and then mixed it all together with a garlic and herb laughing cow wedge.Image That chicken sausage was so good! I would get it again (we got it at Trader Joe’s). 

I relaxed on the couch and watched the Penguin’s game while playing Sudoku. After the game was over I did some reading and snacking. For my snack I had strawberries with chocolate pudding (easiest way to make pudding fancy) trail mix and a glass of milk.Image

I slept great last night! I had a few crazy dreams but I always feel that if I have dreams then I was in a deep sleep, and getting into that deep sleep is so beneficial! I even managed to sleep in until 8, then my mom came back and woke me up. She did some gossiping before going to answer her phone. I took those minutes to do my Morning Pages. I really enjoyed writing first thing in the morning. I highly recommend everyone give it a whirl 🙂

For breakfast I made myself a grape tomato, spinach and chicken sausage scramble along with my homemade granola topped with blueberries and raspberries. Plus a chai latte and a wild berry tea. Image

After breakfast I got to work on my transcript request forms for Appalachian and Central. It involved a lot of experiments, involving sending a fax through my laptop. I didn’t know that was possible! I tried to do it actually through my laptop (there is a fax option on the “Print” page) but I wasn’t sure if it was working or not. I then decided to try out a free fax website that does it through email. It said it worked so we will see! Both request forms involved printing, signing, scanning and sending. It took me a while, but I got it done. Which means I should have everything sent in that is required for my transfer application! Yay! 

For my morning snack I had a sandwich thin with raspberry jam on one side and a slice of cheddar on the other.Image Then I got ready to go to the Y for my Thursday cross training! I did a quick 5 minutes on the elliptical before taking the PiYo class! That class was a killer! In a good way, of course. It is a mixture of pilates and yoga but it is a good cardio and plyo workout as well. I will definitely take it again! It served as a nice butt kicking for some of those muscles that haven’t been worked in ages! 

After my PiYo class I stopped at Harris Teeter to get a few things we needed. Then I came home and made my lunch. I heated up my favorite spicy vegetable chili and had it with a clementine, carrots and a yogurt.Image My mom wanted company as she laid in bed so I watched the Food Channel and some show about picking a puppy before returning to the food. I also did some reading.

I just finished eating my second snack of the day which was pretzels, brie and trail mix.Image I have been having trail mix a lot and I am sad that it is almost gone! I will just have to get more the next time I am at Whole Foods. 

So I guess my day wasn’t all that busy, but I sure do feel like I got a crap-ton accomplished! I am ready for it to be mid April so I can hear back from Carolina! And the end of tax season is mid April haha. I hope your day was as uplifting as mine! 


6 thoughts on “Ka-PiYo!

  1. Good luck on those apps! I think you and I have similar taste buds. I love a “medley” of things in my meals/snacks. Also, I hope that you get to go on the ski trip you mentioned, so that the coordination and snow challenged among us can live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • Thanks! Medleys are definitely a favorite of mine. They eliminate having to choose just one! Haha, I will make sure my skiing post is full of vivid details! 🙂 All I have to do is wait until a date is set!

  2. Hope your mom feels better and have some fun with those apps. Don’t fret on being perfect with the essay either. I am sure you make a strong applicant!

  3. Such a great feeling, I love to check things off my list. Your sundried tomatoes looked scrumptious. Keep up the good work. I am hoping to walk run up the ridge after school today, I hope it gets above 0 degrees though. Haha

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