Morning, morning, morning

Another week of 2014 is in the books! Yesterday was a much more active day than Friday. My breakfast was the final piece of quiche, oatmeal and a chai latte.IMG_2242After I ate I continued to work on my application. Before I knew it my mom and I were off to the Y to do our workouts! On the way in I ate a banana and almond butter sandwich for my snack.IMG_2243
Yesterday’s workout for me was to run 3 miles. They were slow and steady miles, but they felt great. I was trying so hard at the end to get my 3 miles in under 30 minutes but I was a little bit over.1 My mom took a Flow Yoga class while I ran so I ended up doing some ab exercises to kill some more time.
After we finished at the Y we headed home, but we made a pit stop at Fosters to get chocolate milk.2
At home we ate our lunches before we headed to Raleigh to do some shopping at staples and Barnes and Nobel. For lunch I had carrots, an apple, Cheetos, Greek yogurt and a chicken and Gouda bisque.IMG_2244 At Barnes and Nobel I ended up buying three books! I know I was going to wait until I read all the books I already have that are unread but I just couldn’t help myself haha.IMG_2248
We stopped at Food Lion on the way home to pick up things for dinner. Once we got home I had a quick snack of a melted ham and cheese roll up and pretzels.IMG_2245 We all relaxed before it was time to start on dinner! We made our own chicken burgers and a roasted vegetable medley including yellow squash, onion, carrots, and sweet potato. I would definitely make those chicken burgers again, they were so easy!IMG_2246 We watched some of the SAG awards because there was nothing else on. Then I watched Netflix before fixing my snack of dried figs, pudding, popped crisps and milk.IMG_2247

Yesterday was a pretty easy day for me! Maybe it was because I didn’t face any foods that were too challenging or maybe exercising makes it easier for me to eat. Something I will pay more attention to! Well I am off to fix my breakfast! Hope you had a good Saturday! Now go have an even better Sunday!


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