Overcoming the Blah

Good morning!
Yesterday was a rather bland day. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t awful. I began my day with a breakfast that consisted of quiche topped with cheese, toast with jam, a banana and a glass of milk.IMG_2239 Then my dad and I were off to the office.
I spent the morning being a good little worker, keying in information.
For my snack I had oatmeal and almonds.1
Then I became very unproductive. I finished keying in the info from all the bank statements and then I spent the rest of the day playing sudoku and watching Netflix. I really need to start treating my days at the office as I would a real job. I would never slack off like that if I were actually employed there.
Sitting at a desk all day really makes me feel “blah.” I don’t like being that still. I will have to figure out a way to overcome that because I will be spending a lot of time up there during the next three months. At least I had the little stray kitty to keep me some company haha.3
I had my lunch a little late but I had an apple, carrots, a turkey sandwich and chicken pot pie soup.2
On the way home my dad and I talked flipping houses. He talked to a guy on the phone about a house that we are interested in and it turns out it is infested with black mold. Bad. He said it is beyond being saved and it just needs to be burned. My dad gave me a new assignment that I am excited about. I am going to research black mold and companies that deal with mold to see if in fact the house or at least the foundation can be saved.
When I got home I had my snack which was Greek yogurt and trail mix.IMG_2240 Then I went back to watching netflix while I waited for my mom to get home and for my dad to get back from the gym.
I really wanted to stay home last night instead of going out to dinner. I wanted to give my parents a date night mad I just wasn’t in the mood to eat out. My parents basically made me go though. It was a good challenge for me because I was having many eating disorder thoughts but I was able to practice acknowledging them as “thought” before moving on. On our way we stopped at a UPS center to pick up a package that couldn’t be dropped off because we weren’t home to sign for it. It was the battery for our remote and my dad really wanted it and didn’t want to wait for them to come back to the house. So we picked that up and them we were on our way to Texas Roadhouse. My dad and I both ordered a 6 oz filet and it was very tasty. I ordered mine with fresh vegetables and a sweet potato, but they forgot the sweet potato and then when they went to go get it they came back and said they were out of sweet potatoes. I didn’t feel like waiting for another side to be prepared (even though they are all probably already made) so I just had two of the rolls that they give each table as they seat you.4
When we got back home I was a couch potato and played sudoku until I fixed my snack. I had dried figs, a glass of milk mad a chocolate popped crisp thingies.IMG_2241
So I guess it was a good day because I was faced with some challenges that I was able to overcome. I will hone in on that instead of the blah-ness that seemed to rule the day! Today should be a much better day… Lots of possibilities that we have planned!


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