Barn Day

What a relaxing Thursday it has been. I spent almost 7 hours at the barn and even though it was a little chilly, it was nice to get a full day of fresh air.

Last night for my snack I had a great pumpkin gob and strawberries that I dipped in chocolate pudding.Image

This morning I woke up and topped my chocolate overnight oatmeal with fresh berries. I also made a ham, cheese and veggie scramble along with a chai latte. For my chocolate overnight oatmeal I just combined 1 cup chocolate almond milk, 3/4 cup old fashioned oats, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and then this morning I mixed in a dollop of plain yogurt. Deliciousness. Image

I did my puzzles and a little picking up around the house before I got ready to go to the barn. On the way I had a blueberry Larabar for my snack. I did a quick groom before Vinnie was first up with the farrier. After Vinnie was finished, I tacked him up and took him up to the arena. I wanted to take advantage of barn time when someone else was around so that I could ride (I told Renee I wouldn’t ride when I was alone just as a safety precaution). I started off by lunging before I jumped on. The arena was still frozen on one half so I rode in an awkward circle. It wasn’t too bad though. Vinnie was great! I did the three main gaits both directions and worked on him lifting his shoulders. The latter was only semi-sucessful. That is something that will take some time, but I am okay with that because right now I am riding more for fun than for show preparation. Best view in the world 🙂Image

Once I was done riding and cleaning up my things I had lunch, which I packed. It was just a peanut butter sandwich, pretzels and some grapes. Those grapes were so juicy!Image I ate it on a small bench at the barn and then I decided to do a wheelbarrows worth of scooping poop in the pasture. Sure, that sounds easy, but it was difficult because it was all frozen. I know that is just what you wanted to read about 😉 I stayed at the barn with the farrier since nobody else could be there the whole time. I didn’t mind at all. I talked a little with the farrier and got some good relaxing time. 

When I got home I threw together a quick snack of greek yogurt, Triscuits and a little mini cheese quesadilla.Image I continued with my relaxing evening up until dinner time. We made pizza tonight, trying turkey pepperoni which is surprisingly good. It tasted like normal pepperoni. I wasn’t in the best of moods about dinner, but it wasn’t because of the food. I am just so frustrated by the system at NC State. They sent me my student ID number which is what I needed to sign in to do basically everything I needed to do in order to sign up for an online class, but I STILL can’t log in. Classes have already started and I really don’t like the idea of starting late. So I am going to be stubborn and not take an online class, mostly because I can’t access them but partly because they make me want to break something (not literally, they just make me really really mad) and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of taking my money. Immature, I know, but it is making me feel a little bit better. On to other things. I wasn’t all that hungry for dinner, but I still ate two pieces of pizza because it is what I need.Image

I need to stop thinking about things that upset me. I need to go to my happy place haha.

Well I am outta here! Tomorrow is another big day! 


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