Operation Restoration: Complete

Well guys, according to my doctor’s appointment today my weight has been fully restored! I am not sure what the number on the scale was, but those are the words my dad used. This is a huge celebration and I shouldn’t be the least bit discouraged by that! I want to say I am happy, and I am like 95% happy. There is still that 5% of me that sees all of my flaws. But after my session with Mary, that is a big goal of mine. I need to work on my self esteem. While it has gotten a lot better, I still am a little hard on myself. I guess everyone is though, right? Mary and I had a good session. It began kind of as a family sessions, where my parents and I talked about my dad’s eating plan and exercise plan. Then Mary and I went back to her office and discussed the work I did from the workbook. I talked more about values and how I have replaced the eating disorder’s need to diet with those things that are truly important to me. Today involved a lot of self reflecting and strategizing how to fully accept my body for what it is. So I have a few goals for myself to help me pursue some things to make my future a happy one 🙂 I also have the goal of having a cheeseburger AND fries. Together. And maybe some ice cream sometime soon, just because I haven’t had that in a while. Although, Amber did give me some more delicious pumpkin gobs!

I just want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has been there to support me through the past year. I am lucky that I have all of you in my life because you all helped me to beat this thing before it permanently took control of my life. Even the people I have never met, but have been loyal readers of my blog, have been an extraordinary influence on me and you all have given me the strength and courage I so desperately needed, as still need as I tackle new challenges in life. I really am so much happier than I was and I owe that all to my amazing team. I couldn’t have done any of it without you. Ok, I could go on for days about how thankful I am, but I will spare you!

Today was also our last family session with Lori. We all decided that we have made tremendous gains and that our time has been well served.  We all talked about the gains we have made over the past 8 months, for ourselves and the others. It was nice to reflect and see how each one of us has grown throughout this experience. We also shared our aspirations for each other and ourselves. It was a very good last family session. I might meet with Lori one on one just to work through a few things like my social anxiety or future plans.

I came home and watched last night’s new episode of Teen Wolf. Yes, guilty pleasure. Then I got to work on dinner! My mom put a chicken parmesan crock pot recipe together this morning but my contribution for tonight’s dinner was zucchini boats! Click here for the recipe I used! I need to find more creative ways to make zucchini! ImageImage


Last night for snack I had a cinnamon vanilla zapped apple (cooked in microwave, hence the “zapped” hehe) and some chocolate.Image

This morning I woke up and got ready for work before I made my breakfast and lunch. I made a veggie and cheese scramble, a cream cheese sandwich, thawed frozen berries and a glass of milk.Image I made my lunch and then my dad told me that we would be back home for lunch so I just stuck it in the fridge. I worked on keying in and reconciling this morning, taking a small break to fix my morning snack of oatmeal and almonds. Image

Before I knew it we were home and having lunch. My lunch was originally going to be a sandwich with the left over seasoned chicken with cheese, but I burnt the hoagie bun under the broiler, so I had the chicken and cheese with rice, with a few crackers, carrots, an apple and yogurt. Oh, and a small glass of chocolate almond milk. Image

Then we were off to our afternoon FULL of appointments! Before our appointment with Lori I had a peanut butter sandwich for my snack.Image

Now I am relaxing at home! There ya go, all caught up! Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday 🙂


8 thoughts on “Operation Restoration: Complete

  1. CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!!! Ahh so proud of you! You should feel so great for reaching this point! You’ve worked so hard and really just made this happen. Feel great for the hard work you did and the huge progress you’ve made. 5% unhappy is so able to be managed and worked on. You’ll get there, girl! Don’t give up!! ❤

    • Thanks!!!!! You are right, 5% unhappy is absolutely manageable! Your support is, as always, much appreciated and has made a huge impact on my recovery! ❤

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