Robot Syndrome, Santa Mile and a Surprise Ride!

What happens to you when you anticipate an event? I can tell you what happens to me. I turn into a robot to try and cope with those nervous feelings. Now that I reflect on this morning I feel like I was in a robot like trans. I was doing things I normally do, but I wasn’t mentally present so all of my actions were very methodic. I am sure it wasn’t that bad, but once the morning progressed I was getting more and more distant. More on this in a minute though.

Last night for my snack I had a peanut butter tortilla, peaches, pretzels and a glass of milk. Image

I woke up this morning and relaxed on the couch for a few minutes before I made my breakfast. I had black beans, cheese, peppers, onions and an egg on a tortilla, banana and pomegranate, chocolate almond milk and a mug of blueberry tea. It was all very tasty.Image My dad and I then did today’s crossword puzzle before I did laundry and went grocery shopping with my mom. I had pumpkin bread as my snack on the way to the store. At Harris Teeter I was emotionally distant and I went through the aisles grabbing what was on our list without doing much extra browsing. When we got home I unpacked the groceries and then went to the couch for some sudoku. Then I made myself a smaller than usual lunch. I had a pesto parmesan chicken burger on a sandwich with apples and carrots.Image I didn’t want to be over stuffed for my next activity.

At 1:45 I met some friends at the track for The Santa Mile. We have been doing this for a few years now so I am happy that I have been running some so that I could participate, even though it makes you feel so sick haha! This is what had me a little nervous this morning. I wasn’t sure what it would be like seeing that group since I haven’t seen them in a long time. I also was very nervous about The Santa Mile itself. The mile part didn’t bother me, but before you run each lap around the track you have to eat one cookie and drink a cup of milk. Bad combination with running, but it is always fun to just push yourself. I tried not to freak out about it and I told myself I could easily just work the milk and cookies into my bubbles. I took a quick glance at the nutrition of the cookies and they weren’t overwhelming like I was expecting. Also, there was one particular person I was a little anxious about seeing, but he ended up not being there so I was able to relax a little more and I wasn’t nearly as nervous, so I felt comfortable joking around with the other guys. So I guess that was a good thing haha. I came in last place, but I have always come in last place so I didn’t care. Here are some pictures!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When I got home I decided to go to the barn because the weather is supposed to become really gross and I don’t know when I will have time to go out there this coming up week. When I got there Renee asked me if I was ready to ride today. I said of course, but I didn’t have stirrup leathers. An idea then came to me. I said I could borrow Barb’s stirrups and put them on the saddle Lena is letting me use. So that is what I ended up doing! I tacked up and lunged him, which ended up being more work than the ride because he just would NOT canter second direction. I got him to canter eventually and then called it quits on lunging. I rode with a fork and worked in a circle at the close end of the arena. The main lesson today was working on lifting Vinnie’s shoulders. I would push him to the inside and to the outside, both directions, at the walk. Then I did a little trotting. I would say that was a great first ride! Renee said I did really well and Vinnie looked good. I thanked her for her help and I am so excited to have some things to work on! Vinnie was worn out and I think he was happy to be back in his personal space haha.Image I was so excited that I got to ride today! It felt so good to be back up in that saddle! Next time I will get an picture of him and I.

I came home and told my mom all about my afternoon and then I had a pudding and sun chips for my snack.Image

Now it is time to do lots of relaxing! I think I am going to sleep really well tonight! I hope everyone had a great weekend!


One thought on “Robot Syndrome, Santa Mile and a Surprise Ride!

  1. Your pictures are awesome of the Santa mile. I am concerned about the weather interrupting things this week too. We have been so good about training for KKC, but, the sub zero temps will make us be extra creative on where we walk run. Love you and keep up the good work with V. So happy you are back in the saddle!

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