A Better Day

Have you ever seen the show Buying the Bayou? It’s on our TV right now and it is insane. It is almost more entertaining to listen to the people and hear about their lives. They live in an entirely different world. It is actually a pretty good show though. My parents and I have been watching a lot of shows like that, such as Buying Alaska and Buying Hawaii. My dad really likes guessing the asking price of all the houses.

Ok, so now let me get to the details of my day. I have calmed down a lot since yesterday and I have accepted just rolling with the punches. I was up and ready to get my day started. I cooked up my breakfast (veggie, cheese, hot sauce 2 egg scramble, toasted pumpkin bread and a latte) and then planned the coming up week’s dinners.Image We made our shopping list as well. A 15 minute house cleanup happened before I braved the cold to do my 2 miles. Once I got running I warmed up. I went at a slow, comfortable pace. Then I had second breakfast, better known as my post run chocolate milk + snack, which was oatmeal and an apple. Image

I went to the barn in hopes of riding, but once I got to the barn I checked the arena and it was frozen 😦 ImageAnd I forgot stirrups and leathers. I decided to lunge Vinnie in a small area of the arena that had been thawed out from the sun.Image He was very well behaved. I saw Lena while I was there so it was nice to talk to her for a few minutes. While I was at the barn I also got a call from Baba which was so lovely. Hope you are staying warm up there, Baba!

For lunch I had tomato soup, a ham, turkey, colby sandwich, carrots, cinnamon banana slices and yogurt.Image A little after lunch my dad and I went to the Reuse Warehouse to check on all of our things. The wood for our porch was breathtaking! I am so excited to share it with you on Friday when it gets delivered! Our table and the cedar for my bed frame will also be delivered on Friday. My dad and I are so excited! We went to Lowe’s afterwards and picked up a jig and a few new clamps. Yayayay!

Back at home I did some relaxing before having my snack and getting ready to go out for dinner. I had pudding and Raspberry Beret Trail Mix while I played sudoku. Image

For dinner my mom suggested going out and she picked Mellow Mushroom because my dad and I could easily breakdown the food into our bubbles. I started with a small tossed salad and then had 2 slices of the small cheese pizza we ordered. I only snapped a pic on one slice of the pizza.Image I felt really bad because my dad built his own salad, but they got it wrong so he sent it back and said not to worry about giving him another one. I wonder if following his meal plan is difficult just like it was for me at first. I hope not because I know that wasn’t fun at all and I hope he isn’t miserable or anything. He doesn’t appear to be so that is good news. We decided from now on when we don’t feel like cooking we should just go to Whole Foods because our food won’t get screwed up because we will be fixing it ourselves haha. They have so many options on their salad and hot bar we could all get what we were in the mood for and my dad and I could easily stick to our meal plans which is good because our meal plans couldn’t be more different haha.

Well I am off to have my snack and then bed to rest up for another busy but exciting day!


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