5 Dollars Richer

Happy Thursday everybody!

I woke up today and laid in bed for a few minutes before my mom came back and informed me that I had to go to work with my dad. I really didn’t want to go! I was looking forward to a nice day at home and at the barn. I guess it wasn’t all that bad though. I quickly fixed my breakfast and threw together a little somethin’ somethin’ for lunch. I made a banana, milk, PB2, Nesquik smoothie, a 2 egg veggie scramble and a cinnamon cream cheese bagel.Image My mom helped me by peeling my carrots and then I grabbed yogurt, an apple, and doritos and I made a chicken, spinach, pesto sub. Then we were off to the office. On the way my dad said we shouldn’t be there that long. I was relieved because it meant I could be home before the rain came so I could go to the barn!

We ended up being there till 1. It was ok though because I finally finished Out Of My League. I have been using a 5 dollar bill as my bookmark, making it a small reward for finishing the book. So now I am five dollars richer! Woohoo! Maybe I will add it to my next bookmark and make it a 10 dollar bill. Maybe I will just keep tacking on 5 dollars after each book (that I currently own) until I have enough to actually buy something useful haha. I did have to run a few errands for the office’s need while I was there. While I read I had a yummy Larabar for snack.Image When I was done reading I just talked to Heather until my dad was ready to go. We decided just to have lunch at home so we ate everything that was packed (my dad had a salad). Image

Once I ate all my lunch my mom and I headed out to the barn. It started to drizzle right when we walked out of the house, so when I got to the barn I grabbed Vinnie and immediately tacked him up to long line. I did a relatively short workout with him because I didn’t want him to get too wet from the misty action. He was such a good boy though! I couldn’t believe my mom actually went with me haha. She said she was glad she waited so long to go out because she could tell a drastic improvement with Vinnie! After I long lined I took my time grooming him. I just love my barn time and I don’t ever want to give it up. I think that is the main reason why I am nervous about going back to school, even if it is somewhere closer to home. I just want to be able to see Vinnie and work with him every day. I just love his curiosity 🙂 ImageImage

When I got home a baked a pumpkin quick bread. My mom bought a boxed mix for it a while ago and I finally got around to making it. While it baked I batted more with NC State. I just can’t figure anything out and it was making me furious. I eventually sent them another email and then ended the battle for the day. I went and did a 15 minute workout followed by a few minutes of doing a yoga sequence. I counted that as my cross training for the week. it was a good workout though. It probably would have been efficient if I had been wearing tennis shoes and was in a gym instead of going barefoot in the kitchen to do all the exercise haha. I fixed my snack and then worked on the crossword puzzle with my dad. I had chocolate milk, banana chips and the last of my sister’s chocolate frosted mini wheats.Image I talked with my parents some, mostly about gout and ways to make it less painful for my dad. I also did an aloe vera hair treatment. It’s so easy, just put aloe vera in your hair and let it sit for a while, then shampoo and condition like usual. It makes my hair so soft!

For dinner we had a Mexican style dish. My mom made a special plate for my dad while her and I had rice bowls filled with seasoned chicken, cheese, and our choice of veggie toppings. I also had left over brussels and the last mini pita. We decided we need to add that to a simple, delicious dinner fix to have on a regular basis. Image

It was a good day for me and I hope it was for you, too! I am not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but I am sure I will enjoy it!


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