New Year’s Resolutions

I have never really been the type of person to make New Year’s resolutions. I have always liked the idea, but there was nothing that I really thought I would be able to do, or actually wanted to put forth the effort to make it happen. This year I am putting my resolutions out there for the world to see so that I will be motivated to commit to them. 

My Resolutions for the Year 2014

  • Learn to listen to my body. Eat when I am hungry, rest when I am tired, voice my opinions.
  • Strengthen my friendships.
  • Experience something new every month.
  • Visit a new place and learn about it’s history.
  • Discover my passions and pursue them, when it comes to both education and hobbies. 

I think those are my main resolutions. I would like to create a vision board to remind me of the person I would like to be this year (and hopefully all the years to follow). 

E’s and A’s


Last night’s snack was a PB bagel, pomegranate and a glass of milk.Image

Breakfast this morning was a chai latte, blueberry tea, a two egg veggie scramble and oatmeal with vanilla, cinnamon, chia seeds, banana and peanut butter. Holy cow was that amazing.Image

For snack I had another slice of cheese with a mini pita pocket.

Lunch was a burrito with sour cream, leftover asparagus and cheesy cauliflower, an apple and baked Doritos.Image

My second snack was pretzels, pomegranate and a glass of milk.

For dinner we had Philly Cheese steaks and roasted cabbage. It was a great meal.Image

I just got finished eating another peanut butter bagel for my snack, washed down with a glass of milk.


This morning I woke up and made my breakfast. Then my dad woke up and I fixed his breakfast for him. I was going to go shopping with my sister, but my dad needed me to drive him to Roxboro because he didn’t want to drive with his foot hurting. We ended up staying a little bit longer than anticipated at his office and then we stopped at Dreamworks (an auto detailing/pimper-outer place). We got home at about 12:30 and I did some reading before I fixed my lunch. Then my dad and I were off to our appointments with Mary! 

My appointment with Mary went really well. I think I was secretly wishing I would be able to decrease my bubbles but we actually ended up adding in another snack! Hahaha. She know’s what she is doing though so I am not worrying about it. We talked about a few exchanges/additions I can make and we also discussed a few things for me to work on. I am going to journal about how this eating disorder has helped me to grow as a person or how it has changed me, what I have learned from it, what it meant to me, what it means to me, and what it will mean to me in the future. I think that is a good thing for me to work on. 

My dad had a lot of success with his session as well! So when he went to urgent care on Sunday, they said he had an internal bunion on his toe. Well… Mary’s husband is basically an expert on all things feet and he has never heard of such a thing. My dad talked on the phone with him and between Mary and her husband, they believe my dad has gout. The attack could have been caused by the sudden change in my dad’s diet and weight. My dad and Mary spent the majority of their time talking about what foods to eat in order to control those gout symptoms. Of course my dad is going to get blood work redone and he is going to get the test to see if it is gout. I am just glad that he is taking control of his health!

When we got back home I had my snack and then started knitting some! I used the needles Baba sent me in the mail and I love them! They are a different material and I feel like the yarn doesn’t slip – which is awesome! I did some relaxing as well. We watched the Duke bowl game and now we are waiting for the ball to drop! It was a chill New Year’s Eve at the Crum house! 

How was your New Year’s?

What are your resolutions?


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Looks like your dad gets a lifetime pass on broccoli! I like your resolutions Beth..and for history you can’t beat going to either Charleston SC or Savannah GA. Both are really great cities!

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