First Day of 2014

If today was any indication of what the year 2014 is going to be like, I am not sure if I am all that excited for it haha. To be fair, it was a good day. It was just filled with a few sad moments and a few frustrating moments. Experiencing all of those emotions is what makes us human though. So maybe that is just my brain’s way of exercising its diversity.

This morning I woke up and as soon as the clock hit 8 I rolled out of bed and put my running shoes on. I went out for my run and then came back and had my chocolate milk. I jumped in the shower before I fixed my breakfast. This morning I decided to make myself a bagel with cream cheese, a two egg veggie scramble, blueberry tea, strawberry banana greek yogurt, and pomegranate arils. It was very good!Image I worked on the sudoku puzzle before I went to the couch to work on the crossword puzzle with my dad. About half way through I had to leave him on his own because my sister and I were heading to the outlets to do some shopping. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but I was a little upset that I wasn’t happy with anything I saw. I just don’t want to spend money on nice clothing for myself anymore. I think I am just scared that I am going to continue gaining weight and I am no longer going to be able to fit in them. Also I think I was having negative thoughts about my size because I am no longer an extra small and I am almost all the way back to where I was to begin with (at least it feels like that). Plus I am a big people watcher, so seeing all the different women at the stores had me comparing myself to them which is bad, bad, bad! Add that to my resolutions: stop comparing myself to others. I did manage to find a digital food scale for our kitchen. I wanted one mostly for dinner meats, to make sure I am eating enough and my dad isn’t eating too much. Anyways, when we got there I ate the pretzels and trail mix I packed for a snack.Image It was nice to spend some time just with my sister. She talked to me about her goals for the year and maybe where she would like to see herself 5 years from now. It was nice to hear her share what she was wanting to do.

When we got back home I did a few short rows of knitting before I fixed my lunch. I had soup, a burrito, an apple and carrots.Image Then I received an email from NC State saying that all of their emails would be sent to my new NC State email address. Well of course I had issues with my log in. It was saying that my account has been disables. I think I have literally spent hours battling the system and I got nowhere. All I could do was send an email to the help desk. Now I just get to wait until I hear back from them. That was causing me so much stress because it bothers and frustrates me that I couldn’t figure it out and get everything sorted out and planned so I could feel like I have everything in order for my online classes. I am starting to freak out and get angry now just thinking about it. Why do some things have to be so complicated? I didn’t enjoy the feelings of stress, anxiety, and aggravation all rolled together.

My battle was put off for a bit of time because it was time for my mom and I to take my sister to the airport. It was sad to say bye. Mostly it is just sad to see my mom so sad. I am going to miss her though. I don’t know when I will get to see her again, but I am sure it will be soon. Hopefully that wasn’t a sign that the year is going to be full of hard goodbyes…

Once my mom and I left the airport we stopped at Earth Fare so get just a few things for dinner and for a snack. Then we went to TJ Maxx for another attempt at shopping. I just knew I really needed a new pair of jeans since I don’t have any that fit. I ended up getting one pair of jeans and 2 pairs of exercise pants. They are all super comfy so I am going to focus on the comfort instead of the size. Then I went to Michaels to get more yarn (I’m obsessed) while my mom ran into Staples to get some things for my dad. On the way home I had yogurt and a bar for my snack.Image

When I got home I went back to battling NC State email. Still no success. I decided to stop and I helped out a tiny bit with dinner. I played sudoku while I ate. We had chicken and roasted veggies. My mom and I also had sweet potato gnocchi. I have never had it before tonight and I really liked it! I don’t know if we served it right though. We just had it plain and it was a little doughy and dry. Maybe we should have followed the directions on the package and added a sauce to it… oh well! It was still really good and I was happy we finally tried it. I would eat it again. It was a good bubble filler too 😉Image

So I experienced a lot of emotions today but I am trying not to think about the bad/sad ones. There is nothing I can do about them now, so why worry?

How was your first day of 2014?

How do you serve Gnocchi? 


5 thoughts on “First Day of 2014

  1. I loooove gnocchi. I love pastas, period, and gnocchi is the best I’ve ever tried. It’s not something I’ve ever had homemade, so the best way I ever saw it prepared was filled with potato and in a cheese/alfredo sauce.

    That does sound like a tough day, but it also seems like you have a lot of mature retrospection and recognize the negative emotions for how detrimental they are. Just remember that you are a loved and supported young woman, infinitely beautiful from the inside out. 🙂

    And hey, the year can only get better!

    • Mmmm, next time I will have to try it with a cheese/Alfredo-like sauce.

      Thank you so much! You’re completely right, it can only get better 🙂

      Best of wishes to you for this upcoming year!

  2. Dearest Beth, my wish and prayer for you in 2013 was courage, strength, happiness and peace. You displayed tremendous courage and strength in your daily battles with Eduardo. You are strong and powerful. Now…..moving forward….finding Happiness and Peace in 2014. I can not wait to see all of your new adventures. It will be a magical year for you. I can feel it. Your father and I believe in you and love you deeply.

  3. New Years is always like when snow turns into rain for me too. All of the excitement of the holiday is finished and its back to routine. I think resolutions force us to reflect. Somwtimes thats uncomfortable. I did experience a cool ratber cold venture, Mitch wanted to do the polar bear club jump into the Mon river close to the Point in Pittsburgh, for his 18th bday. Well they all jumped in, I was more worried about pulling e eryone outta the water than getting myself in. I did the mom thing and got everyone their t shirts and I got back
    to hand them out to the jumpers. They asked where was minemy shirt was and I responded I didnt jump, I dont get to wear one. I thought why cant I jump in now, I knew I would regret it later, zo I

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