First Time Shooting and a Fun Quiz for You!

Hi guys! Today I went shooting for the first time. Well maybe technically it wasn’t the first time if you consider little pellet guns to be actual “guns.” Josh, Justin and Tyler picked me up from my dad’s office and we went to Justin’s house to shoot some guns! There were three hand guns and two different rifles that we fired. I hope I got that right. I had a lot of fun though! I actually hit a target, twice! I could see it being something you have to do a lot to get good at it. I think my shoulder is going to be sore and maybe bruised. Some of those had a kick to it! I think my favorite was the AR-15. I feel so legit saying “AR-15.”Image

Last night my parents and I had ground chicken tacos which were great!Image Then for snack I had a banana, almond butter sandwich and a pudding. Image

Today I started off by fixing my breakfast and packing my morning snack. I made a banana sunflower butter oatmeal bowl and a two egg veggie scramble.Image The oatmeal was great! For my snack I packed a mini pita and a slice of cheese. I spent the morning at my dad’s office, not doing any work. I mostly talked to Heather since she was there and I also worked on a few puzzles. Then I was off to shoot!

The boys dropped me off at my house around 2 and I made a quick lunch. I had chicken pot pie soup, crackers with cheese, pretzels, leftover veggies and an apple.Image I relaxed and did some crocheting while I let my lunch digest. A little after 4 I went on my run! It was 2 miles, give or take. It was a great run though! I came back and did some stretching before I had my recovery chocolate milk. After a bit of time I had my snack: yogurt and trail mix.Image Once I finished eating I got to work on finishing my crochet project! I made a slouchy beanie, but I think I made it a bit too long and it is stiff because I used three strings of yarn to match my boot toppers. I rolled it a little bit and I think it looks better. I made my dad be my model 😉 ImageImage

Then I took a nice hot shower and then we were ready for our dinner. My mom made buffalo chicken meatballs, roasted asparagus and cauliflower with a cheese sauce. For the cheese sauce we used a can of Campbell’s condensed cheddar cheese and a can of Rotel. My sister also made some chicken that she really likes. I had a small piece because it was fried and fried food is still a little scary for me. I ended up putting some of my chicken meatballs on a sandwich. It was all so yummy! Image

As a family we watched the movie Prisoners. Holy crap. That was a really intense movie. It was good, but I would have liked the ending to go different. I don’t want to spoil it for you incase you were wanting to watch it haha. Now I need to go fix my snack.

Real quick, here is a really fun quiz you should take! Let me know if it is accurate or not! Mine was surprisingly spot on! Here is what my dialect map looks like:Image


2 thoughts on “First Time Shooting and a Fun Quiz for You!

  1. Oooh, I love the hat. Have you considered putting a pom pom on it?

    LOVED the quiz. Apparently I’m straight out of SoCal. I also learned that I don’t have a lot of words for the things the rest of the country is talking about. Also, why wouldn’t you call it a roly poly?? That is the most perfect name ever.

    • Oh, great idea! I might have to add the Pom Pom. So glad you liked the quiz! There were a few that I didn’t have words for either, but reading some of the options was quite entertaining! I agree with only calling them a roly poly! Like I’m pretty sure I could make a petition to make that their scientific name haha.

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