My Friday in a Nutshell

My Friday in a nutshell: Zumba, soup, and hockey. It was such a good day! My sister and I used a one day free pass at Velocity Fitness and we took a Zumba class. It was sooo much fun. I am awful at dancing, but as long as I am trying I tend to enjoy myself. My sister worked up a sweat, but I didn’t for some odd reason. It still felt like a good workout though! I stopped at CVS to pick up a chocolate milk. Image

When I got home I relaxed for a few minutes before I fixed my lunch. I had chicken tortilla soup with carrots, baked Doritos, cottage cheese and pomegranate, and two small tortilla shells. Image

I did some more relaxing before I added my Charm with Vinnie’s hair that Renee got me on to my bracelet. I also started crocheting (nothing in particular). Image

Then I got showered and dressed for the hockey game! On the drive there I snacked on trail mix.Image We got there when the gates opened so we could watch warm ups. We sat to the left of the Canes bench this time, so we watched them warm up. Jordan Staal still looks all wrong in red. Our seats were awesome and the Overtime goal made by James Neal for the Penguins win happened right in front of us! I was so nervous the entire game. I think I treat every Penguins game I attend like it is game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, so I just get really nervous when it is tied or if the Pens are down. Photo of Jen and I before leaving:Image Photos from the game:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When I got home I quickly made my dinner. I didn’t get anything at the game because I wasn’t all that hungry, it was really expensive, and because nothing sounded appetizing. So when I got home I had spicy vegetable chili with cheese, pomegranates, milk, and a peanut butter sandwich. I didn’t care that I had soup for lunch, soup/chili sounded nice and warm.Image

I slept well until a little after 5. I was able to eventually fall back to sleep and then I was up at 8. For breakfast I was out of eggs, so I stuffed two mini pitas full of cheese and veggies. I also had greek yogurt mixed with berries and a tea latte made with almond milk.Image

I did my puzzles and then got ready for the grocery store. Then we were held up because my dad’s toe was hurting him so badly he couldn’t walk and it turned weird colors whenever it wasn’t elevated. I told my mom Jen and I would get groceries while they ran to urgent care. I ate another peanut butter sandwich for my snack and then we did the shopping.Image When we got back we relaxed some more. Turns out my dad has an “internal bunion” that was aggravated from his shoes being too tight. Poor guy. For lunch I made myself a turkey sandwich that I had with carrots, freeze dried asian pears, cottage cheese and pomegranate, and baked Ruffles.Image Now I am just waiting for that to digest before I go do my running for the day!


One thought on “My Friday in a Nutshell

  1. Given your dad’s new lifestyle choices he should wear nothing but Merrills and tennis shoes…comfort wear all the time! I used to be like you watching hockey games Beth, but somewhere along the line I confronted myself…hockey is supposed to be entertainment so I had a choice..either stop treating each game like my life depended on it or stop watching. I can now watch a game in a much more relaxed fashion…and the goal the other night was really sweet. I was looking for you in the stands but didn’t see ya..and I really wish Carolina would change their uniforms..they look like the former Soviet Olympic team in the movie Miracle. Would like to see a white and red combo for them.

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