Good Morning!

It is looking like a beautiful morning and I just can’t wait to get the day started! I have lots to look forward to today 🙂 I am going to make a breakfast creation (tell you about it later) and then I am going to a Zumba class with my sister! I decided to swap yesterday and today on my workout schedule since my grandparents were coming and the gym was closed. No biggie. Then I will more than likely go to the barn and then tonight we are going to the hockey game! GO PENS!

Recap time!

Dinner two nights ago was pork, squash chips (so good!), sweet potato and broccoli. It was a tasty meal.Image For my snack I had cereal, a banana and two chocolates.Image I might need to start working on making my dinners a little bigger and my bedtime snacks a little smaller. That might help me sleep better.

Yesterday’s breakfast was another big bowl of overnight oatmeal, a banana, a veggie and cheese omelet and a tea latte.Image After breakfast we all got right to cleaning. We cleaned/worked on projects all morning long. For my snack I had pretzels and hummus.Image It was a late snack and I was still full from breakfast, but I ate it anyways. My sister and I did a little relaxing while my parents went to Costco. We then decided to go to the barn. I did a super quick long line because it was already past lunch time and I wasn’t sure when my grandparents were going to arrive. Vinnie was a good boy though! I think he would like all of his workouts to be that short haha. Jennifer had fun visiting with all the different animals out at the barn (or so she claims). I was worried she was bored since she didn’t do much. As we left she said it was sad to see the barn without Huck. Huck was her horse but he passed away while we were away at college and he was living at a different barn. It is sad to see the barn without him, but I am thankful that we at least have Vinnie back and he is healthy. Image

Once we got home I made my lunch and then about halfway through eating it my grandparents showed up.Image It was so great to see them. We just talked the rest of the day haha. I played a little sudoku throughout the evening because I think I have an addiction even though I get mad when I can’t solve them quickly – which is every time I play haha. It was so nice of them to drive up just for one day to see us all together. They stayed last night in a hotel and they are going to go back to Little River this morning. My grandma is a hoot and a half! I think she and I could spend a girls weekend together and get along just fine haha. My second snack of the day was half a sunflower butter sandwich.Image For dinner we had pesto pasta, chicken, roasted veggies and rolls.Image We were originally going to have tilapia because my grandma doesn’t eat chicken, but she wouldn’t eat that either. My parents got it frozen at Costco and my grandma looked at the bag and saw it was from Indonesia. She rejected it instantly because of a program she watched that was about fish from certain asian countries and how they are treated and what they are fed. Oh well.

We watched the Pitt bowl game and I might have played sudoku simultaneously. Snack time rolled around and I had moose munch and a banana with peanut butter.Image Then it was bed time and I got a great night of sleep! I couldn’t believe it!

Now I am off to enjoy my day! Catch up with you later!


6 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Sorry no Letang for you tonite he has been out with an elbow infection. But it should be a good game…don’t think Malkin is playing either. Enjoy yourself though…and yes you should put a weekend with your grandma on your list of things to do.

  2. Hope you had a great Christmas! Thanks for the earrings – I have not worn them yet since I have been lazy and in sweats but am excited to. Your boot socks turned out cute! Enjoy your time with the fam. You can assure your mom that no baby yet and I will tell her when 🙂

    • Your welcome, and thanks! I hope you had a great Christmas too. I will definitely pass that along to her. Every time her text message alert goes off she shouts “Maybe Amber had her baby!” 🙂

  3. Your grandma sounds wonderful. Vinnie looks great! You have your animal photography skills DOWN. I’m so surprised that every picture is clear, not just a blur. Also. Moose munch?? I’m a-Googlin it. Always a pleasure to read your posts 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! OK, so here is the deal with moose munch. One of my dad’s clients brought it to his office as a holiday gift. It is a mixture of caramel popcorn, chocolate covered popcorn and a few candied nuts (anyways that’s what I think it is made out of haha). I am not sure where it is from, but I bet you could find something similar close to you if you were looking for it!

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