Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends and family!

I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful holiday with those that mean the most to you, because that is what Christmas is truly about!

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I was lucky enough to share it with my parents and my sister in the comfort of our home. 

But let me rewind the tape and start you off at lunchtime, Christmas Eve.

For lunch I made heated up a frozen chicken ranch flatbread and then had an apple, carrots, and baked Cheetos.Image Then my dad and I drove to Renew Warehouse, but they were closed. I wanted to see if I could pick up my cedar and my dad wanted to check on the porch wood. So we came back home and did a little relaxing. Then I went to Rougemont to put gas in Old Blue before I went to the barn. It was cold and very muddy (and about to start getting dark) so I just dropped off the Christmas gift to give Renee and Marty and then I gave Vinnie a quick brush and a handful of treats. He really wanted more!Image I have been worried about Cookie because I hadn’t seen her since the day she was up in the rafters, and I heard a loud noise that day and didn’t see her again after that. So I was worried the barn was going to be short a cat, but then as I was leaving, she popped up! On Old Blue! Such a pretty, friendly cat. I am glad nothing happened to her haha. ImageImage

I came home and got out some crafting supplies. I also grabbed my snack and then got to work on making a pair of earrings.Image Final product:Image

For dinner we fixed a little pasta to have with chicken and roasted veggies. It was all very good, but I think I liked the roasted veggies better from the night before.Image We watched TV and then I had a banana, glass of milk and a vanilla almond butter sandwich for my bedtime snack.Image I was in bed shortly after 10 and it felt great to go to bed that early! The only downfall was I woke up a bit before 2 and was ready for it to be an acceptable time to wake up. I was able to fall back asleep and then I was up around 6:30 and relaxed for about an hour.

My Christmas began with the daily sudoku and crossword puzzles from USA Today and then I made my breakfast. I cooked up an identical scramble as yesterday: andouille sausage, egg, peppers, onion, spinach. I also had a big batch of overnight oatmeal with berries and a lat-tea (does that work as a semi shorter way to say tea latte?).Image Then we piled up on the couch and had our second round of Christmas gifts. My parents really didn’t have to get us anything else since they already gave us so much with the early Christmas we had with Madelyne! I think they just couldn’t have Christmas without the tradition of giving at least a few gifts. My dad finally unpacked his new saw that has been sitting inside our front door for weeks! It was so funny, he pretended like he had no idea what it was and acted shocked after he cut the clear plastic wrap off of it! Such a goof.Image Then my mom gave my sister all her gifts and my dad gave me all of mine. I was actually pretty excited about my gifts! They are things that will definitely come in handy when my dad and I are working on our building projects! I got safety glasses, a construction pencil, a tool belt and a decking book. They might have been gifts for him and I to share, but that’s okay! I also got a sign, a pair of leggings, a Lee Brice CD and a BeeGees CD and an ornament.Image My parents are way, way too nice! I feel bad now that all I gave them was a popcorn maker and a handmade necklace haha. After opening gifts we watched Buying Alaska. It was a marathon or something because we watched a few episodes. I ate my snack while I watched. Another repeat. Image

About an hour later Jennifer went with me to Northern’s track. I ran a mile while she walked. I then walked 2 laps with her. I sprinted one straight away, just to see if I still had a little speed. Then I did just a few lunges before I stretched. It was a good day! Back at home I did a little cleaning up before I fixed my lunch. I had my usual apple and carrots along with tomato soup, a pepper jack grilled cheese and greek yogurt.Image Then more Christmas relaxing, yay! I did some light reading and watched How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Now I am about to go grab my snack before I do some more cleaning and maybe some crafting! My grandparent’s are coming tomorrow so I want to make sure the house is looking nice! IIt felt great to have a relaxing Christmas day! I haven’t had this much couch time in a while 🙂

Merry Christmas!



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Hey I have one of those dewalt chop saws..they are amazing and a lot of fun. Very safe will have some fun with that one! Now get to work on that porch..carpenter Beth!

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