Moving Forward!

Good afternoon! How was the start to your week? I thought my Monday was going to be awful after Madelyne left, but it turned out to be a decent day 🙂

E’s and A’s


Yesterday for breakfast I put together a bowl of oatmeal, a scramble with sausage and kale, a clementine and a vanilla and cinnamon tea latte.Image

After my run I had a glass of chocolate milk and then I made myself a half size white chocolate peanut butter sandwich with banana chips. Super delicious!ImageImage

For lunch my mom and I made french bread pizzas (cheese and garlic) and I had mine with an apple, carrots, baked Doritos and key lime greek yogurt.Image

My second snack was a LUNA bar.Image

For dinner my dad grilled steaks and asparagus and my mom roasted cauliflower, carrots, red potatoes, onion, and garlic in the oven. She told me she needed my creative help with seasoning them, so I decided to give it a little bit of a Mexican flavor. I used cumin, cayenne pepper, fajita seasoning and black pepper. My mom poured some vegetable stock in the pan as well. Everyone raved about those veggies! I will definitely remember that combination of seasoning. I also had a mini wheat pita pocket to help fill of some of my grain/starch bubbles. Image

My nighttime snack was a glass of milk, a banana with a little cinnamon, and moose munch.Image

This morning for breakfast I had a big bowl of overnight oatmeal with frozen berries that I zapped in the microwave. I also made another scramble with sausage, peppers, onions and spinach. With a tea latte, of course. Image

My snack this morning was a slice of pepper jack cheese and a little pita pocket. Image

I will whip up my lunch once I post this 🙂


I got lots of little things done yesterday! After breakfast digested for a bit I went outside to do my 1.5 mile run while there was a break in the rain. My mom did her walking while I jogged and then I relaxed on the porch while I waited for her to finish so I could coach her through another 7 minute workout. And then…

I officially started moving forward with non food or health related things! I signed up for a local photography class that will start in March. How exciting is that?! I hope to learn some really neat things to improve my photos. I also sent in my application to NC State for taking an online class or two this spring. So we will see! Hopefully I hear back from them soon. Another thing I did was I researched a home study equine massage therapy certification program. I have actually been thinking about that since March or April. It is something I think I would enjoy greatly. Plus it would give me a reason to spent more time at the barn! My mom freaks out and thinks something happened to me when I am at the barn longer than an hour and a half…

So that felt pretty great to register for those two things. I have been needing to put my mind to work in other ways than just playing sudoku and doing crossword puzzles.

My mom, Jennifer and I did a quick trip to Harris Teeter to get a few necessities before we do our meal planning. We did want to do the meal planning for the week until my dad was back from his appointment with Mary. After his physical he said he had a lot of work to do to get his blood levels and weight within a good range for him, so he made an appointment with Mary to learn about what he should be eating. I think he spent more than two hours with her! I am proud of him for doing that.

Back at home I did lots of relaxing. I also started a mini project that I could work on while I relaxed. I grabbed my knitting needles and three colors of yarn. I started knitting using three strands. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make, but about halfway through I decided to make a pair of boot toppers. I got about one and a half done and I finished the second one this morning after I cleaned and had my snack. What do you guys think?ImageImage


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward!

  1. Yea for you!! Now that’s what I ‘ve been talking about..taking some classes and stretching your boundaries. Your mom will adjust to your future schedule and all will be well.

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