Winston Churchill Knew What He Was Talking About

“It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.”

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Quotes from Winston Churchill

Yesterday was a good, but very challenging day. My meal and snack times were all over the place but I did what was required and I didn’t skip one. I really wanted to, but I didn’t. I know there were a few bubbles that I didn’t get around to filling, but they were primarily a fruit, dairy, veggie, and maybe a few fats and starches. I’ll take you through my day and that will hopefully explain the difficulties I experienced.

I began my day by getting in my 1.5 mile run. It is incredible how much better I felt not running on a full stomach! When I got back from my run I had a glass of chocolate milk and then did a little stretching.Image I played a game of sudoku before fixing my breakfast. I made Madelyne an omelet before fixing my own. It was a spinach, onion, pepper, cheese, 2 egg omelet. I then added dried blueberries, a bagel with cinnamon cream cheese and a pumpkin tea latte.Image

Once we finished up breakfast I got ready for the barn. Madelyne came with me today and she just loved giving Ray, Robert and Tilley (one of the cats) her attention. I started off in the arena, long lining Vinnie, but then I quickly moved to the round pen just because it is easier to keep Vinnie in a circle. I would have been running all over the arena if I stayed up there haha. Vinnie was good, he was just kicking a lot because I was really asking him to go forward and he would not pick up the pace. Little stinker. He still deserved his apple because he was a good boy and he eventually did what I asked of him. Plus I cut him some slack since it has been upwards of a week since I long lined him.Image

When we got home from the barn in was a quarter till noon. I really didn’t want to have my snack and I just wanted to wait another 30 minutes and have a nice lunch. If it weren’t for Madelyne I would have done that. She decided we should both have a snack and then we would have a late lunch out before picking Jennifer up from the airport. I had oatmeal and then did dishes before I jumped in the shower to get ready to run some errands. Image

I first stopped at CVS to pick up my prescription and then we were on our way to Raleigh to go to Brier Creek. Maddie and I went to Dicks Sporting Goods to find a gift for my dad. Once we got his gift picked out we did a little “shopping” of our own. We just looked for some outfit ideas for the Krispy Kreme Challenge. We want to wear super bright crazy outfits so we were looking for insane running tights and shirts. Of course everything was really expensive. I will have to save my money and then maybe I will go to the Nike Outlet to find something. Next we went to Noodles and Company for lunch. I have been wanting shrimp for a while, so I got my favorite Japanese Pan Noodles with shrimp.Image Getting Noodles and Company is easy for me because I can easily look up the nutrition to fill out my bubbles, but I didn’t look to see if they offered fruit as a side or if they had a serving size of milk. I guess I just didn’t feel comfortable asking for anything additional. I decided I would just make up for it with my snack. It was a late lunch though, I didn’t finish eating it till 3. Then we had to go straight to the airport to pick up my sister whose flight landed at 3:25. Maddie and I tried to sneak up on her and scare her when we found her, but she saw us before we got close enough. She still was scared though I think because she saw another woman who she thought was me for a second. We went to baggage claim to get her bag, which took a few minutes longer than expected. Once we got piled into Old Blue (my 87 Cavalier) we headed to the Sheraton Hotel because my dad was taking his yearly CPA class there and he was finished at 4:30. I think he wanted to have a drink with Jen and Mad at the bar because he said it was a nice bar and he called me earlier to suggest that idea to them. Jen and Mad weren’t really in the mood for a drink so we decided just to head home. I was going to go home anyways because I needed to have my snack and quickly get ready to meet at Josh’s house for his birthday dinner. Since it was so late, again, I didn’t really feel like having a snack, but I knew I needed to push myself and have one anyways. Once I got home I grabbed my snack (a LUNA bar – which did not fill up the bubbles I intended my snack to fill, but it was something just to eat for snack that wouldn’t be too filling) and my laptop so I could decide what to order at dinner so I wouldn’t be freaking out at the restaurant. Madelyne was also nice enough to quickly straighten my hair while I ate my snack 🙂 I then watched as Jen and Mad unwrapped all of the gifts my mom got at school. A lot of it was food: chocolate chip bread, different chocolates, cookies, caramel corn, etc. so I was happy it was time for me to leave because all of that was overwhelming. Image

I was at Josh’s house by six and then we left at 6:10. Justin drove us and we stopped on the way to pick up Zavian. We had reservations at Chammps at Southpoint for 7. We met Tyler and Quinn there. Five other people were supposed to be there as well, but they sadly bailed, so I was glad that I still went even though my sister just got home. I was the only girl, which I am used to haha. 3 other girls were supped to come, but none of them made it. That was perfectly fine by me though. I ordered the Fresco Chicken Tacos and it was much bigger than I expected!Image I ate two of the three tacos. I had a few bites of the corn/bean salsa stuff, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of that, but the tacos were very tasty! I convinced Josh to order a drink called the Maple Leaf. If I am remembering correctly it was Crown Royal, Coca Cola and a strip of bacon. Josh let us all have a tiny sip of it and it was so strong! It was good though. He loved it and said he was going to have me choose his drinks from now on. Tyler left early, but the rest of us stayed and talked until 9:15. I ended up having a really good time and again, I was glad I went. They wanted to go see Anchorman 2 but they gave me the option of driving me back to Josh’s so I could go home to family. It was so kind of them to consider that and even though I felt a little bad about making Justin drive all over Durham, I took them up on the offer. I was tired anyways. Plus my sister wanted to go see Anchorman 2 haha. Justin said he didn’t mind, he really likes driving. Zavian and Quinn headed over to the theater while Justin and Josh drove me back. I am feeling so much more comfortable around them. Like I feel like I am able to be myself and I’m not scared to speak up and say something. I got an invite to go shoot guns next week. I don’t think I have ever shot one before but I have been wanting to learn so I accepted! Of course I hope my parents are okay with that haha…

When I got home I tried to think of the best snack to have. When I planned what to order for dinner I went ahead and bubbled in the entire meal, but since I didn’t end up eating it all I wasn’t really sure where I was at with my bubbles for the day. I don’t like that feeling at all. It left me really struggling with what the best thing for snack would be. I ended up going with an apple, a vanilla pudding, and a serving size of mini Snickers (4 pieces).Image I slept on the couch so that Madelyne and Jennifer could sleep in separate rooms because Maddie can’t deal with Jennifer’s snoring. Plus I think I just wanted to sleep on the couch haha. I didn’t get the best night of sleep, but then again I never do. I did have a really interesting dream though. In my dream I felt really special, which is perhaps the feeling I have been missing out on in real life (although I am working on it!). So details are a little foggy, but in my dream there were these strange occurrences that could only really be caused my something supernatural. Then there was this guy – very attractive, every single girl was obsessed with him – that was quiet and mysterious. He for some reason decided to show me that he had special gifts. Basically almost any super power you could think of. He was strong, he could burn things with a touch of his finger, he could walk on water. He was basically an alien that looked human. And he chose me. He was everything I wanted in a guy: quiet, incredibly sweet with a dangerous side, different than anyone else. In my dream we would be with a group of people and it was almost like the two of us were a secret but not? I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. I also had the cutest welsh corgi puppy ever. It was a good dream. Made me like a I had a special connection with someone, which must be something I have been wanting since I had a dream about it. It was a weird dream though haha. I woke up very early and tried to go back to sleep but eventually I just gave up.

Now I am off to start my day with a delicious breakfast! It is a rest day today so no worries about running on a full stomach haha. I hope everyone had a fun-filled Friday and is ready to enjoy this beautiful Saturday!


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