Good evening, my friends! How has your day been? Has it felt like a Wednesday to you? I kept thinking it was Thursday or Friday and I was throwing myself off all day long.

Last night we were up late talking. My parents got home a little after 9 from the group session and picking up takeout for them and Madelyne. My dad and I watched a little TV as I blogged and then for my snack I had pomegranate arils, Chobani flip, and some mini Snickers. Image

This morning I was up early but I relaxed in bed for a while, listening to music and playing sudoku, before getting my day started. I was up and cooking and Maddie left for her first interview while I was fixing everything up. I made myself a scramble with Mexican cheese, spinach, green onion and green pepper. I also had another chocolate cranberry roll with cinnamon cream cheese. I also had pomegranate and raspberries with my pumpkin tea latte. So pretty much a repeat of yesterday’s breakfast but with different veggies with the egg. I worked on the puzzles from USA Today and then I headed out to the barn!

It was still chilly out when I got there. I think Vinnie was happy to see me! I decided to work him in the arena since the round pen was still in the shade and likely frozen. The arena was in the sun and thawed out so I thought it would be better on his joints and all that jazz. He is a 98 baby anyways. He is getting old! I was going to long line but once I got the surcingle on I could only find one of the long lines. I decided just to lunge him, but I kept the surcingle on and his bridle. When I got to the arena the other line was in the ring, but I still stuck to lunging. It was cold and a little windy so Vinnie actually had a good amount of energy today. That and I haven’t worked him in a few days. He still managed to listen to me very well and whenever he did something bad I was able to quickly correct him without a battle. I definitely worked him though. Does he look worn out?Image I gave Vinnie two apples to make up for my absence and then after I put him back out I went to the car to grab my camera. I brought it with me today in hopes of getting a good picture to use as part of a gift I have in mind for Renee, but I am not sure if I got one that will work. I thought I would share a few pictures with you guys though, even if they aren’t great 🙂 ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIt turned into such a beautiful day so I stopped for a minute at Lake Michie and snapped a few pictures. There was one tree (only one) that was completely covered in carvings. I thought it looked so cool. I love nature!ImageImageImageImage

I came home and ate a late snack. It was another repeat of yesterday’s morning snack. Image

I waited a while before going for today’s run. I was by myself so I ran a little slower than I ran with Madelyne, but I didn’t feel sick at all! I am never running after a big breakfast again. I truly think that was the reason why my first two runs had me feeling gross. It was another 1 mile run and it felt great 🙂

I came back in and had my glass of chocolate milk and water and then I jumped in the shower. After I was all freshened up I talked to Madelyne for a few minutes about her interviews. She said they went really well so I was so excited to hear that!

I had a late lunch consisting of tomato and parmesan Progresso soup, a grilled pepper jack cheese sandwich, semi frozen yucky carrots (they tasted funny), an apple and greek yogurt. Image

Madelyne napped most of the afternoon and I wanted to let her rest after her stress filled busy day so I just relaxed on the couch and did a little knitting and internet surfing. We have been relaxing pretty much ever since. For my snack I had a kind bar and a few pretzels. Image

Guess what? I am officially registered for the Krispy Kreme Challenge! I am so excited! Tomorrow is my 40-45 minutes of cross training and I have no idea what I am going to do yet. I will figure it out though. I am going to go see Vinnie in the morning and then Maddie and I are going for our massages at noon! This is one of the most exciting Christmas Gifts ever!

I’m off to go help with dinner now!


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