Tuesday Happenings

Today was another busy day for this Crum! I just didn’t get to go to the barn like I hoped, but tomorrow is another day. I am feeling in the mood for a quick post so I can have my snack and hit the hay!

E’s and A’s


Last night’s snack: greek yogurt, berries and vanilla almond butter and a little hazelnut butter.Image

Breakfast: chocolate cranberry roll with cinnamon cream cheese, raspberries, pomegranate, egg with cheddar, broccoli, red onion and spinach, pumpkin tea latte and wild berry tea. That’s a mouthful – to say and eat. But so good.Image

Snack: maple brown sugar oatmeal with PB2Image

Lunch: Bojangles grilled chicken sandwich, apple, carrots and a yogurt that I had a little bit later.Image

Snack number 2: vanilla pudding and an un-grilled cheese (cheese sandwich). No picture, sorry.

Dinner: Maddie and I were supposed to try and make an avocado and crab soup, but the recipe was sketchy so I just made myself a pasta dish including spinach, peppers, red onions, 2 lean hot dogs and cheese. I like this simple combination. It’s also stupid easy to make.Image


Maddie had her first interview this morning (which went really well!) so I was on my own for the morning. I whipped up breakfast and then did some cleaning and laundry. Then I got crafty and made my mom her Christmas gift. I wish I could share a picture of it, but it would ruin the surprise 😦 I just finished my snack when Madelyne got back. She filled me in on how it went and then she said she wanted to go to the Reuse Warehouse and stop at Bojangles for lunch, since they don’t have Bojangles where she is from. So I got showered and then packed up all my things to take to my appointments. We drove around and then attempted to take a short nap in the Jeep in my mom’s parking lot before my appointment with Mary, but my mom came out early.

My appointment with Mary went so well! She is so much more than just my nutritionist. She is kind of like my advisor in a way. I gave her a holiday gift, a pair of earrings I made, and she put them on immediately and they coincidentally matched her outfit perfectly! I was so happy she liked them. I met with her one on one for the entire session and we talked about a few things. She first gave me some advice for having a small snack before exercising in the morning before breakfast. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning! Then I mentioned how lately I have been consumed by the thought of switching over to maintaining my weight from gaining. So we talked about that for a bit and she said that she agrees I am at a good weight where I can just maintain. For part of normal fluctuation I just can’t drop any lower. She said she would collaborate with Dr. Chung and keep and eye on me. If adjustments need to be made then they can be. So I was happy to hear that! Now I just need to keep doing what I am doing with all of my bubbles 🙂 Another topic we talked about was how I have still been comparing myself to others. I compare my appearance, my social skills, my personality and so much more with those of other women. Mary gave me the best advice and shared personal stories to help me with those negative thoughts. She didn’t realize how harsh I was on myself, but she sure knows how to motivate me to put a stop to it! I told her I owe all my success to her and she gave me the biggest hug and said it was all me. At the end of the session she showed me the space she is making into the kitchen for teaching classes and it was the perfect little area! I am so excited about it!

My appointment with Lori went well also. We each did a quick recap of our week and thoughts (some of which I shared with Mary earlier). I would say my dad did much better this time around when it came to his eating and exercise habits being the topic. We then talked about how things will be over the holidays and with my sister coming home. Goals were made and then it was time for our session to end and the parent group to begin. Today’s session was a little shorter just because Lori was running a little late. On the way home, Maddie and I drove past another school that she has an interview at tomorrow just so she could see where it was. We just talked and gossiped some while I cooked up my dinner.

Tomorrow should be a a little more relaxing for me. I think my only definite plans are to do my mile run and go to the barn. Madelyne has two interviews so she probably won’t be done till the afternoon, and then we will do whatever she wants! I am looking forward to it. I hope you all had a great Tuesday 🙂


One thought on “Tuesday Happenings

  1. I can not wait until We get to see what you made for your mom. Sounds really special, just like you. Love you and only a week until Santa arrives.

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