Sunday Recap

Good morning, chickadees!

I am very excited for today’s activities with Maddie! We have some fun things planned out 🙂 Yesterday was a full, yet non-busy, day. Lets start with the morning, shall we?

I woke up and went to the couch to work on puzzles until Madelyne woke up. Once she was awake we fixed our breakfasts. I made a gouda scramble with broccoli and red onion, along with a bagel and cream cheese, pomegranate and a tea latte. Delicious!Image Once I was done eating I went on my Sunday 30 minute walk while Madelyne did her own workout. It was a wonderful walk! After my walk I jumped in the shower and then had my snack. I had oatmeal, frozen berries (the reason why my oatmeal is a weird color) and peanut butter along with chocolate milk.Image Then we were off to join my parents in Raleigh! We stopped by the RV for a few minutes before we headed to Cameron Village to do some shopping. I didn’t get anything but my mom got some gifts for friends and Maddie got new earrings and a jacket and top for interviews. I did get a few ideas for making my own jewelry though, so I got something out of the shopping adventure. We had lunch back at the RV. I had chicken enchilada soup, apple, carrots, yogurt and a pepper jack cheese sandwich.Image The rest of the afternoon was spent knitting, working on a crossword, napping, and catching up with my aunt and uncle who joined us in Raleigh! They were just stopping in Raleigh for the night, which is why we decided to take the RV over there (so we could see them). They came by the RV to have a pre-dinner visit. It was nice to catch up with them. The soothing sound of light conversation put me in the mood for sleep, and before I knew it I was asleep. I haven’t napped in a long, long time so it felt refreshing. My next snack was pretzels and hummus.Image I haven’t had hummus in a while so it was nice to have something different with my pretzels. After the Panthers game was over we headed to Backyard Bistro to meet my Aunt Dara and Uncle B for dinner. We just had a good ol’ time – laughing and watching the Steelers game!Image I ordered their Binghamton’s Chicken Spiedie Sandwich with steamed broccoli. It was ok. It was just marinated grilled chicken and onions on a french loaf. I think some pieces of the chicken might have had the tiniest hint of a pink hue and I found a tiny piece of bone or cartilage in my first bite. Other than that it was good, and the broccoli was wonderful with the lemon and garlic.Image Dinner was a little hard for me, but I ordered something I was comfortable with and I ate the whole thing. We stayed until about half way through the second quarter and then we said our goodbyes. It was so great to see them! I haven’t seen them for months and months! Maddie and I dropped the parents off at the RV and came back home to Bahama. We decided to come back here just because the beds are comfier and there’s more space. Plus my mom wouldn’t be able to wake us up when she left early for work haha. When we got home I fixed my snack. Something simple: pudding and trail mix.Image Then I was more than ready to dose off!

I am going to go fix my breakfast once this post is all finished up and then I am going to get this awesome day started! Be back tonight!


One thought on “Sunday Recap

  1. Maybe you were able to nap because of your new exercise routine. You are tapping into those endorphins. What a great feeling. The Steelers looked like they really showed up to play. Play offs are still not outta the question. It sounds like you worked through some anxiety, way to go, and I am sure B and D were thrilled to see you. Love you I start my couch to 5k today. Wish me luck. Love you

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