Done with Run One!

Last night Madelyne arrived at 9:50. She made great time! I fixed my snack and we talked for a while before heading off to bed. My snack was a super delicious one: greek yogurt, frozen berries (heated in microwave) and sunflower seed butter. Image

This morning I got started on my breakfast a little after 8, once everyone was awake and moving. I fixed myself my “gouda morning” scramble and a bagel with cinnamon cream cheese, along with a pumpkin tea latte.Image Madelyne, my mom and I chatted for about an hour, just about several different things. Then I ran for the first time since being cleared! Madelyne and I headed out to run a mile in the neighborhood. My mom had fun taking a few action pictures of us, and a random one of us modeling our shoes.ImageImageIMG_1620IMG_1625 The run went well. I wish it was a little easier, but with the cold weather and not having done anything physical since May, I guess I should be very happy with it. My inner ears really hurt after I was done running. What’s up with that? I also kind of felt like I was going to throw up, but I think that was because I ran after a big breakfast. I’m wondering if I should run before breakfast and have a pre-run snack. Not sure. I had chocolate milk, oatmeal with PB2 and a banana.IMG_1626 The last three were to fill up the remainder of my morning bubbles and the chocolate milk was to compensate for the exercise. I think I did that right. I don’t know if my post run snack should be separate from my other snacks or meals. A good question to ask Mary on Tuesday.

The three of us girls went back to talking and my mom started to help Madelyne with her resume. I decided to take that time to go to the barn to see Vinnie. Vinnie was wonderful today 🙂 He only had a few moments of back-talking bucks when I was really pushing him to go forward. I was so pleased with him though because Marty was out with the giant tractor and it was the perfect scary distraction but he didn’t mind at all! Image

When I got back home Madelyne filled me in on the great news! She has already made a few appointments with principals to visit schools and eventually look for job openings! We then made lunch. Everyone else had hot dogs and baked beans, but I wasn’t feeling that. I went with a ham and cheese sandwich with an apple with pomegranate arils, carrots, yogurt and chips.IMG_1627 My lunches are pretty consistent, but I like it that way. I always say I am going to add variety, but come lunch time I just want my apple, carrots, sandwich, yogurt and that little something extra. I relaxed for a short amount of time before my dad and I headed to the Reuse Warehouse. We were checking up on all of our orders. Our table for the back deck is finished and it looks amazing! My dad absolutely loved it. It’s really heavy though, so it is going to be delivered on Friday along with the wood for our front porch and the cedar that I am going to build my bed frame with. I am thrilled that they have it all ready for us!

My afternoon snack was trail mix and some italian seasoned crackers.IMG_1629 I took a much needed bath after that. It was so relaxing. The relaxing continued until it was time to go out for our Friday night dinner. We went to El Corral in Butner/Creedmore. My dad and I had the fajitas for two and I ate all the shrimp and some of the chicken while I left the rest of the meat (beef, pork, and there was supposed to be chorizo but we didn’t see any) for my dad. Their shrimp there is always really good. Image

I had a great day today and I am ready for tomorrow! The Bahama Christmas Parade is in the morning and then it is supposed to be rainy, so maybe we will go do a little shopping or something 😉 Hope you all had a great Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


5 thoughts on “Done with Run One!

  1. Good to hear everything is going good. Maddie said your did great on your first run. Hope everything continues to go well. We also talked about doing the Krispy Kreme run with you so hopefully we can do that with you. Keep on doing great.

  2. Thanks for the pic..I forgot I have a brown haired daughter now! 4-6 inches of snow here today so enjoy the opportunity you have to run in sunshine!!!! When is the KKC? (and no I am not running it..perhaps I will eat a donut that day though!)

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