So, So, So Excited!!!!

Ahhhh!!! My cousin Madelyne should be getting here from Pennsylvania very soon! I am so excited, just incase you couldn’t tell 😉

I am going to do a SUPER quick recap of last night and today.


Dinner and snack: Chicken Parm, ravioli, salad and yogurt with oatmeal.Image

Breakfast: “Gouda Morning scramble,” banana, milk, jalapeno toast, wild berry tea. ImageImage

Snack: bagel + cream cheeseImage

Lunch: giant honeycrisp apple, carrots, yogurt, baked ruffles, almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter sandwich.Image

Snack: evol burritoImage

Dinner: mahi mahi tacos, rice, black beans.Image

It all was so tasty!


I woke up and prepped my food before my dad and I headed to the office. Tammy needed the day off so I went just to answer the phone and take messages. I worked on sudoku puzzles and tried to teach myself the seed stitch (knitting). I tried and tried and tried and it just wasn’t working for me. On the way home we made a stop at the bank and then at the gym where my dad signed up for a 2 year membership! I am so proud of him for taking action! He is trying really hard to start healthier habits. When I got home I changed and then headed out to the barn. Vinnie was such a good boy today! I long lined him but did it quickly because my hands were frozen! I enjoyed my time at the barn, even though it was chilly.ImageImageImage

I came home and had my snack and then kind of got the hang of the seed stitch. I still need a lot more practice haha. We went to get our Christmas tree (we always get it late) and then we did some relaxing before prepping dinner. ImageNo… This isn’t the tree that we got. Even though I wanted it haha.

Now I am going to go get ready to welcome Madelyne!!!!


2 thoughts on “So, So, So Excited!!!!

  1. Well maybe Madelyne’s sense of adventure will be rubbing off on wasn’t my idea that she leave at 3pm to start her journey to NC!!!

  2. This is what the holiday is made for…family time, I love the ponies all cozy in their blankness and u look adorable with that tree. So glad mad made it. Enjoy your time together and start slowly with ur running plan. Love u

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