I got cleared to do my training plan!!!!!!! Well, kind of I think. I’m not entirely sure if it is the exact plan I wanted or not. I emailed my plan to Dr. Chung and he is going to look over it. I guess my parents told him that they wanted a set plan made by him? That’s what it sounded like when Dr. Chung was updating me after he talked to my parents. I was a little unclear about that. But since I worked on my nutrition plan today with Mary based off of my KKC training plan, I am hoping I can just stick to what I have. We shall see. All I know is that Dr. Chung told me he thinks I am ready to start with some physical activity! Of course he wants to see me more often, just to make sure that I am still progressing. My appointment with Dr. Chung took a little longer than normal, but only because he was with another patient. A medical student did most of the questioning and examining. Dr. Chung only came in quickly to weigh me and do a quick recap of his thoughts about exercising. Then we were off to Mary’s!

My appointment with Mary began with us all. We talked about our excitement, well my mom and I’s excitement. My dad expressed that he was worried/nervous about me starting physical activity. Mary helped to reassure him that there was nothing to fear, that I am going to be just fine. Mary and I then spent some one on one time together discussing some fears that I still need to work on. Most of them revolve around eating out, such as eating an appetizer or ordering a dessert. Also I need to overcome the fear of eating something that I won’t later be able to look up the nutritional value. Another goal is to overcome the fear of eating something when it isn’t a snack or meal “time.” Mary informed me of the benefits of overcoming each and every one of those fears. I love how she incorporates the importance of enjoying life to the fullest in with eating habits. Mary then helped me to determine what I would need to eat to compensate for different physical activities. She even included horseback riding for when I finally get a darn saddle that fits! Mary is just incredible haha. She even gave me two new recipes to try!

Our appointment with Lori was a little different than normal. It began just like always, we shared how we did with our goals over the last week. My dad went last and his goals turned into the entire session’s discussion. That’s not a bad thing by any means, it was really informative and I feel like Lori was so close to getting my dad to peel back a few layers! This morning my dad had his physical. He told us that he was expecting to weigh more than he did, but he was shocked and somewhat disappointed by how much he had gained. Lori tried to get my dad to explain his thoughts and feelings about the matter. She asked him about previous attempts to lose weight and what worked and didn’t work. She asked about the connection to stress or frustration. My dad seemed content with saying it all came down to will power. I think my dad and Lori just weren’t understanding what each other was trying to say tonight haha. It was still a very good session because now I know how my whole recovery process has had an affect on my parent’s health and how are feeling about that. My dad says that he is not at all beating himself up about it because he has enjoyed everything he has eaten to get to where he is, but that he can only blame himself. Lori was trying to push him into expressing if he felt like he was beating himself up about it and that in return could make the weight loss process even more difficult. My dad said he wasn’t feeling that and that his thought process ended once he came to the decision that it was all based on will power. I don’t know, honestly I think between the two of them each expressing their own thoughts and research I was just lost haha. We did brainstorm a few ways to support my parents in their hopes to achieve better health. I was happy to have the session focus on some one other than me. I was thinking that maybe my dad was finally going to understand what it was like to have a voice inside your head telling you what and how to eat (my dad admitted that when he is stressed he eats a lot more than normal). I was thinking that perhaps his “will power/stress” voice acted similarly to my “Eduardo” voice. Does that make any sense or am I just confusing you as much as I was confused during this session?

Overall it was a good day of appointments! Yay!!!!

E’s and A’s


Last night for snack I had a pumpkin gob and a fancy flavor of Greek yogurt.Image

Breakfast this morning was a big bowl of warm, apple cinnamon-y oatmeal šŸ™‚ With a 2 egg veggie omelet, blueberry banana smoothie and a pumpkin tea latte.Image

Snack #1: chocolate pudding and sunflower seed butter and there might be a stalk of celery underneath all that creamy deliciousness.Ā Image

Lunch today was a really weird combination. Spicy kung pao noodles, hotdog on a slice of bread with cheese and veggies, baked Ruffles and yogurt.Ā Image

Snack # 2: V8-Fusion and a Kind bar. It has been so long since I had a Kind bar!Ā Image

Dinner… about to fix it once I am done with this post!


This morning all I did was CRAFT! Crafting is awesome. The end.

Now go have an awesome Tuesday night!


5 thoughts on “I CAN RUN!

  1. I am doing a jig right now, and trying to get my hands on my couch to 5k plan. We can do this..right? One day at a time…step by step…yeah for you! Where would I find sunflower seed butter? It looks totally yummy. Hope you are having a super Wednesday. Love you

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