Rainy Day

Today has been so very boring… It has been cold and rainy all day long. I think this was the laziest I have been in a really, really long time haha. 

I woke up and worked on a few sudoku puzzles while I waited for one of my parents to wake up. When my mom woke up we made our breakfasts. I threw together an egg with peppers, onion and gouda. I also had my last pumpkin bagel with cream cheese, a pumpkin tea latte and a blueberry banana smoothie.Image I then did absolutely nothing productive! 

My morning snack was apple cinnamon oatmeal mixed with chopped walnuts and PB2 (for some extra protein). It wasn’t sure about the combination but it was surprisingly very delicious!Image

My mom invited me to go to Costco with her and my dad, but then my dad uninvited me because “they couldn’t do Christmas shopping” if I went. So I stayed home and literally watched TV the entire time they were gone. It felt nice to relax, but then I grew very bored and there was just nothing else to do at the house. 

When my parents got home we fixed our lunches. My dad got these chicken firecracker things to try from Costco so I had some of those with an apple, carrots and easy mac.Image We watched the Steelers game and worked on today’s crossword puzzle. Did any one else catch the last play of that game? Antonio Brown was so close! That would have been insane if he stayed inbounds. Grrr… oh well.

Laziness continued for the rest of the afternoon. For my snack I had raspberry yogurt topped with a few crushed pretzels as well as some trail mix. That was another good combination!Image

I did manage to do something productive. I emptied and loaded the dishwasher and read a few chapters in my book.

For dinner I had Mediterranean pizza (Kashi from the freezer section) with a little spinach salad I made. It was pretty tasty, but I wouldn’t say it was the best frozen pizza I’ve had. Image

I am just ready for this rainy day to be over! I hope your day has been more exciting than mine! 


3 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. It’s a rainy, foggy day here. I did see the end to the steelers, season. Now we can concentrate on tha Army Navy game Saturday, and of course Hockey. V even looked more relaxed on day 2. Glad to hear of all of ur social outings. One thing about not sleeping, it may b you just snack too late, that’s all. I loved how u tild Eduardo where to go….keep up the good work, and it looks like you may be doing some Santa work too. Love u

    • Maybe snacking too late is what makes me sleep poorly. I will test the theory for sure! The army navy game should be really good! I am always excited to focus on hockey! Love you 🙂

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