The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The past two days have been full of good moments and bad moments, and then of course some ugly moments.


Let’s see, where did I leave off yesterday? Oh yes, right after breakfast. So for my morning snack I made a raspberry ham and brie roll.Image Holy cow was it good. I’m pretty sure anything with brie would be delicious though. I ate it on my way out to the barn. Renee was just finishing up with Ray when I got there. I asked her a few questions about long lining and then after she gave me a few tips she asked if I just wanted to go ahead and try it out. I jumped on the opportunity! I am so ready to do everything I need to do to get him one step closer to going under saddle again. I got him all decked out in the surcingle and then we headed over to the round pen. Renee gave me tips as I long lined. Vinnie was so bad! He is such a little back talker. He would turn his but to me and kick at me over and over. Renee coached me through how to make sure I was taking control. She gave me the instruction I needed to make sure I was choosing his speed and if he decided to turn on me then she encouraged me to correct him as soon as possible. She is such a great person to learn from. Vinnie eventually just started to listen but he still was working hard. It was very warm and humid, so perhaps that was the main reason for all of the sweat.Image I would categorize that as an ugly moment.

When I got home I fixed my lunch. I just put together an almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter sandwich, celery and green peppers, an apple, and easy mac.Image I just relaxed for the majority of the afternoon. We decided to head over to the NCAA Women’s Volleyball matches that were being held at Duke. I quickly ate cottage cheese and trail mix for my snack.Image Georgia Southern and American University played at 5:30. American University surprisingly won. They were actually very good. They made Georgia look like a middle school team. Then Duke played College of Charleston at 7:30.Image Duke won the first two sets and then lost the third. We left a little bit before the third set because it was almost 8:45 and we still hadn’t eaten dinner. I was meeting friends at 9:55 at the movies, so we decided to head out so I could eat. We were going to just find a restaurant, but there wasn’t enough time. We headed over to Brier Creek because I am dumb and that is where I though Carmike Cinemas was. So we stopped at Wendy’s so I could get something quick and still have time to eat it.ImageImage At about 9:40 I was just finishing up my spicy chicken sandwich when I realized I wasn’t at the right theater. Brier Creek is just over the Wake County border but my dad somehow managed to get me all the way back to Durham and at the theater before the movie started. I met Josh, Justin and Tyler there and we watched Out of the Furnace. I though it was really good, but the guys said it was boring. They are weird, I liked it. Josh dropped me off at my house and then I fixed myself my super late night snack. I had milk, a banana and brownies.Image I watched Thursday’s episode of Scandal while I ate it. So last night I would classify as “the good.” I handled spur of the moment decisions with grace and I didn’t let the stress of eating fast food or running late get to me. Add being social to the list and I think I made drastic improvements all within a 2 hour span. I didn’t really like the thoughts that I had after I ate Wendy’s. I immediately blew things out of proportion and told myself that I was going to become one of those people who can’t stop themselves from going through the drive-thru everyday. I’ve never been like that so I told Eduardo to shove it please be quiet.


I was up late last night and then didn’t sleep well at all. I was up early but stayed in bed for a bit. Once I rolled out I got started on my breakfast. I got super creative! I made french toast out of the last French roll topped with frozen berries that I heated in the microwave. I also had andouille sausage and a banana along with a pumpkin tea latte. Yum!Image Today’s puzzles were challenging but I worked on those and worked on a mini project/craft. For my snack I just had a pumpkin bagel and cream cheese.Image Then my mom and I were off to Harris Teeter to do some massive grocery shopping! We got lots of good stuff. All “good.”

For lunch I had spicy noodles from Trader Joe’s, an apple, carrots, cottage cheese, cheddar sun chips and milk.Image Then I went to the barn for day two of long lining! I don’t understand… Vinnie was perfect today. He didn’t do a single bad thing. I was even making sure I was really pushing him. I kept waiting for him to buck, but he never did… I was thrilled though. I know that might not ever happen again so I soaked in the moment and filed it under “the good.”ImageImage He managed not to attack Cookie. He did through her a kind of mean face though haha.

Once I got home from the barn I quickly got showered and ready to head out the door. Duke won last night so we were going to the next round where they played American. Duke got killed. It was “bad.” Bad, bad, bad. I was really tired from last night so I wasn’t acting excited to be there, but I was. I am just in awe at how talented people can be at this sport. It just makes me want to play again. I am going to look into an adult/community volleyball club type thing around here. I would enjoy that. I ate my snack when we first got there.ImageImage

After the loss we came home and we whipped up dinner. Well technically my parents did. I worked on my craft. Of course I couldn’t have done any of it without the help from the little one.Image We had steak, pesto pasta and veggies. The pasta was a frozen package from TJ’s and the veggies were just microwave steam-in-the-bag. So it was a quick and easy dinner, which was good because it was already really late.Image

Now it’s time for the Ugly. The Penguin’s had an ugly finish to their game tonight and Duke Football is just getting creamed. It’s ugly. Very ugly.

Overall the past two days were good. Mostly because I am making progress with Vinnie! Things involving food were a little challenging, but I didn’t let it stop me. Now I think I am just in major need of a few nights of no social outings haha. I need my lazy home-body time. Now it’s time for me to go fix my snack! I am feeling another pumpkin bagel with cream cheese and yogurt (even though I had a bagel for my morning snack hehehe). I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday! For everyone who might be getting hit with winter weather (we have an ice warning or watch or something) please stay safe and warm!


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