Curve Ball

Happy Thursday evening! Today was a much better day compared to yesterday, thank goodness. How was your day?

Last night

Last night’s dinner was so flavorful. We had garlic peppercorn pork tenderloin, roasted yellow squash and zucchini, roasted brussels sprouts and baked potatoes. It was amazing!Image Shooter was on and anytime that movie is on, you can guarantee that we will watch it. I mean, Mark Wahlberg? Yes please. I was really tired though, so I ate my snack and was in bed by 10! Woohoo for accomplishing my goal! I had another pumpkin gob and a raspberry chocolate chip yogurt.Image I slept so well. I was astonished by how well I slept.


This morning I woke up and got my lunch and morning snack together before I fixed my breakfast. I made a cheesy green pepper egg, a pumpkin bagel with cream cheese, a chai latte and I also had a glass of juice. I ate it in the truck on the way to Roxboro.Image

I was at the office for about 30 minutes before I left to go to the dentist. It was supposed to be my dad’s appointment, but he and I swapped for his convenience. I alway like the dentist so I didn’t mind. They are so nice there and my dental hygienist is so thoughtful and caring. My teeth were wonderful, so hooray!

Back at the office I mostly just played sudoku. I successfully did nothing work related… shhhh…

My morning snack was trail mix.Image To keep my self entertained I played sudoku, ordered my dad’s Christmas present, looked at a few recipes and I only allowed myself a short amount of time to research ideas for my future.

For lunch I had a hot pocket, carrots, an apple, pretzels and a fancy flavor of Greek yogurt. Image

We headed home around 2 and made a few pit stops at some banks on the way. When we got home I did the dishes and then was laaaazzzyyyyy. I watched a movie on Netflix. It’s always really sad when the cute guy is the bad guy in a suspense movie 😦 Anyone else agree, or is that just me?

I just fixed my snack and it was the last of my Kashi vanilla squares. Image

Tonight I am meeting Margaret and we are going to How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Musical at the DPAC. Then we are going to grab dinner after. Since dinner will be late I am going to try and squeeze in my third snack of the day before the show, that way when I get home I can go right to bed if I am really tired. This is a huge curve ball for me. Burgers are a possibility so I am trying to plan my snacks around me having a burger and maybe fries and I don’t really know how successful that is going to be… I am not going to dwell on it because we might not even have burgers! So I am just going to have my third snack and then for dinner I am going to go with the flow and get what looks good 🙂 I am excited about tonight – I heard this was a great show!


2 thoughts on “Curve Ball

  1. Okay don’t laugh but I finally saw Good Will Hunting last night for the first time! What a great movie..I couldn’t help make the comparison to you during the movie either..did you ever see yourself in that movie? If not, watch it again and I think you may get my point…. I’ll let you see it again before elaborating…can’t wait to read how your evening turned out!

    • I have never thought about making the comparison between the movie and myself. I will definitely watch it again to see what I can come up with. I think I have a few ideas of what you might have seen in it!

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