My Brain Feels Fried

Today was a boring day at work. I had some stuff to work on, but not a lot. Tammy wasn’t there so I was in charge of the phone. But I was left alone with my thoughts. Of course I thought all about my future. It felt like I had to figure everything out right then so I was frantically searching for and comparing all of my options. Ughh… my brain feels fried. I don’t think I made any progress in trying to come ups with potential plans and I was just getting frustrated. None of my ideas seemed possible or realistic. Boo… too much thinking. I just need to turn my brain off so I can forget about my worries and then come back refreshed and prepared to not overwhelm myself with options. I did take a break from that a few times to read and play sudoku when I didn’t have anything to work on. Sudoku was even frying my brain today…

I woke up early so that I could prepare my breakfast and plan my snacks and lunch. For breakfast I was reunited with my one true love, a pumpkin bagel. I had an egg with peppers, onions and cheese, a Greek yogurt, a glass of juice and a cup of tea.Image On my bagel I had cream cheese sprinkled with a little cinnamon. Both of my snacks were banana bread. I think these pictures capture the texture of it nicely.ImageImage My lunch was easy mac with a hot dog, an apple, carrots, milk and 2 mini Milky Ways. Image

So that was pretty much my day. Sounds like it was a blast, huh? When we got home I did a few small chores just to clean up a little. One good thing that literally just happened: my dad made himself a small snack of tortilla chips, cheese and leftover taco beef and he offered me one. Instead of saying no thank you I sampled it and enjoyed it, even though I just had my banana bread 🙂

Rewind to last night

Last night for dinner I made myself pasta that I mixed with cheese, peppers and onions and chicken.Image It was really good and really easy to whip up. For my snack I tried a pumpkin gob from Amber. It was delicious! Thanks Amber! I also made a little banana smoothie to go along with it.Image I didn’t get to bed at 10 like I wanted, but I went back around 11. That’s not too bad, only an hour late.

I hope everyone else’s day was much more exciting than mine!

3 thoughts on “My Brain Feels Fried

  1. Beth I shared with you two days ago that coming up with future plans is more of a process…a journey than it is a sprint. You can put all the ideas you want on paper…and everyone of them is going to look daunting or impossible. I suggest that you explore what you think you will love and then take a couple of small steps to affirm or dismiss it…a community college class is great and also do some volunteering in that area. This way you are exploring the academic side and the actual, practical side.
    Less thinking, more doing! Your perfectionist side was rearing up yesterday! Your aware of it and today let it go!

  2. Wow what progress. Love that u are exploring new things. Looks like Mad will be down there soon. You two will be able to explore a lot of places together. I think identifying what kind of things you would like to do with your degree is super important. For example we have a school nutritionist that plans all of the menus and she works for an outside company. There are so many things, one step at a time..and allow only a part of your day to be devoted to that stuff. Remember you are a busy person with V., social plans and reading and blogging, and interior design and……life…love u

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