Mundane Monday

Hi guys. Has Monday gotten to you too? I am just ready for today to be over! 

This morning I woke up late and was franticly scrambling to get my meals and snacks packed. I quickly heated a container of black beans, veggies, and cheese and topped it with an egg. Boom, Juevos Rancheros! I toasted up two slices of jalapeno bread and packed up some pomegranate arils. I downed a glass of milk before we left and I had a cup of hot peach tea.Image This breakfast tastes just as good in a container instead of a plate! I bagged up a thick slice of banana bread to have as my morning snack.Image My lunch was an apple, carrots, a hot pocket, sun chips and a greek yogurt. Image

Work today was very uneventful. I keyed in stuff during the morning hours and then in the afternoon I just kind of did my own thing. I caught up on a TV show during lunch and then I played some sudoku and then researched taking online classes through State. I might see if I can take an online class or two in the spring. Or I might try and find a local class on a non school related topic – like photography or something. It is still up in the air. I also called customer service again to see about returning my saddle since I never got an email from them. Turns out they had the wrong email address. Grrr… So I gave them the right one and then the lady said it could take 24-48 hours to send the email. She put me on hold to double check something and then the call ended. All I know is I better be getting that email pretty darn soon… Also, my progress on being social and putting myself out there has hit a major speed bump. Kind of. There is just going to be no progress on the guy front unless a new one comes along haha. I am still being more social with friends though, so that’s good? 

When we got home from work I had my snack, which was an old favorite. A double serving of Hodgepodge Harvest Trail Mix. Image

All in all, today wasn’t anything spectacular. I am hoping tonight is a little more exciting. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to make it great, no matter what!


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