Apple Nachos or Hot Dog Pasta Anyone?

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a good day! I am just going to do a quick post tonight. I typed up a nice one and then it didn’t save, so I am just going to do a short summary of the highlights of my day! 

For breakfast I made apple nachos. Apple slices with vanilla almond butter and chopped walnuts. Definitely going to have that again.Image Later that morning I had a quick snack of oatmeal and then my dad and I were off to Lowe’s! We got some trimming for around the garage and then we splurged and got a new toy!Image

For Lunch I had a leftover turkey sandwich, leftover brussels, carrots, pomegranate arils, and pretzels.Image After I was done eating I headed out to the barn! It was a relaxing day: I played music on my iPhone and enjoyed spending time with Vinnie. He was a good boy today. I think he is finally understanding that it’s much easier if he just listens to me haha.Image

After the barn I made banana bread, following a recipe that I think my grandma, Baba, gave us a while ago. 

My second snack: caramel crisps, spiced pumpkin seeds and cottage cheese. Yum!Image

I spent the rest of the evening mostly relaxing and it felt great 🙂Image Did anyone else catch the crazy ending to the Alabama/Auburn game?! For dinner we kind of just made our own meals. I whipped up a new creation. Pasta, green peppers, onion, spinach, shredded mozzarella, Laughing Cow white cheddar wedge, 2 lean hot dogs and a few seasonings. Surprisingly delightful and a very quick fix! Image

We watched Red 2 since Notre Dame was losing… It was a very good movie and there were some funny parts! After the movie I had my snack which was pumpkin pie, banana slices and milk.Image

In other news, I have been keeping up with my social challenges! It feels great to push myself and put myself out there. Also, over the past three days I haven’t been eating completely based on my bubble meal plan. While I am proud of myself for handling the unplanned, it felt good to go back to my bubble plan today. I just like how the eating disorder thoughts are less noticeable whenever I have my meals and snacks planned. It just makes it so much easier. Although, I have gotten really good at ignoring those thoughts when they do occur. I feel like I am handling uncertainty with much more ease. Now I feel like I am at that point where I can no longer be classified as having an eating disorder. I have come so far since the beginning of this year and I feel like I am eating a large amount, and often. Key word being feel. Just because I feel recovered, it doesn’t mean I am recovered. All the more reason to keep on working hard! I also really want the green light from Dr. Chung on the 10th to start my training for the Krispy Kreme Challenge! Still a huge motivator for me, along with my horse 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

P.S. A big birthday shout out to my Uncle Bill! Thank you so much for all of your support throughout my recovery! Hope you had a great day!


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