Best Match Ever

Hi everyone! This is going to hopefully be a quick post so I can eat my snack and catch some Z’s. I couldn’t have asked for a better day today. I woke up and had to layer up because it was freezing! That huge bruise on my knee was from the same exact incident that caused the rope burn on my fingers.Image My mom laughed at me and then I fixed my breakfast… Of course I had a piece of pumpkin pie with my spinach cheesy egg and pomegranate. I also had one of my delicious chai lattes.Image After breakfast my mom gave me “permission” to go crazy with cleaning the living room. I turned on some music and got to dusting and cleaning windows. Time flew by and I had my morning snack before going to the barn. Image

Vinnie was terrific! I pushed him and kept him in a smaller circle for more control and he was really listening. The only hiccup he had was when Murdock (one of the barn cats) decided he needed to climb one of the trees right by the round pen creating a huge commotion. The cats were just causing all kinds of trouble today. When I was grooming Tilley caught a huge mouse and it was making a terrible squeaking sound that had Vinnie a little spazzed. He was such a good boy though 🙂 The Mare is going to be leaving this weekend to go to a training barn for a month, so I hope Ray and Robert will adjust to her being gone for a while.ImageImage

I came home and got cleaned up before fixing my lunch. I had sandwich with leftover turkey, brie and raspberry jam all melted and toasty. I also had leftover brussels, an apple and milk. Then I still had to fill some bubbles so I had some Reese’s miniatures. A serving size was 5, so 5 it was!Image I ate them on the way into Durham. We went to the Duke Volleyball match against UNC. It was the biggest crowd I have ever seen there! I couldn’t believe it.Image UNC won the first and third set. Duke won the second and fourth. They were all really close! The fifth set was played till 21 (fifth sets go until 15 points, but you have to beat the other team by 2 points) so it was truly neck and neck the entire game. Duke pulled through and got the big W!Image While we were at the match I saw my old club volleyball coach, Coach Jordan. I haven’t seen him in such a long time and we quickly caught up. He has always been my favorite coach!

Once we got back to the truck I had my snack, which was just a LUNA bar. Then we drove to Cary and went to Gander Mountain. I love that store. My dad got some new pants and a few shirts. We spent some time just wandering around the store, looking at everything they had and checking out all the sales. Then we went to Chili’s for dinner. I think we are putting an end to our new restaurant tradition. I think we are just running out of options. There are only so many places where we all would like the menu and that we don’t need reservations for. My dad also said that if you have found a few places that are good, why not just go back to them? So now I think we are just going to go to restaurants on Friday nights that we are in the mood for. But back to Chili’s. I ordered the margarita chicken and it was pretty good. It came with black beans and rice.Image Comfort food, Crum style. We watched some of the Duke basketball game on TV before heading home. Now I am bundled up on the couch and I am about to go grab my late night snack of pumpkin pie. No shame in having pie twice today!

What is one of the best sporting events you have been to?


2 thoughts on “Best Match Ever

  1. Not exactly a sports kinda girl, BUT the sunset from Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley is stunningly beautiful, even during a football game . . .

    Also. Your breakfast table looks suuuuper nice. I love bench seats!! That bruise though . . . oof. :/

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