Happy Turkey Day!

I hope everyone is feeling full and sleepy from their Thanksgiving Turkey 🙂

Last night I watched the Penguins get their win in a shoot out. Talk about nerve wracking… I the fixed a little snack of brownies and pretzels.IMG_1523 I didn’t sleep well at all. I think I just had way too many things going on in my mind! Plus I was sleeping on the couch. I have been sleeping on the couch for a while just because my room has been taken over by my project.

This morning I woke up and did some online research on a few things Mary and I talked about on Tuesday. After looking at those things for a while I started on breakfast. I made everyone an omelet and a bagel. I had a banana and tea with mine. My two egg omelet was stuffed with cheese, spinach, peppers and onions. Yum!IMG_1524 Shortly after breakfast I got to work on my closet. I worked on it all morning with the help of my dad. It’s finally finished!!!!IMG_1525 I am so happy with how well it turned out. I am so proud of myself for learning how to use all of the power tools too haha. I can’t believe I still have all my fingers after operating the saw. A little after one I fixed a small snack of oatmeal, yogurt, and an apple.IMG_1526 Then I was off to the barn to spend some time with Vinnie 🙂 He was sensitive to the static today but he didn’t do anything bad. I lunged him in the surcingle and kept him pulled in to a smaller circle so that I could get more leverage to try and really get him to go forward and push into the bridle. Im not sure if he was really lifting, but he was definitely moving faster. He was good the first direction but the second direction he was being a little stubborn and he would randomly stop and stand there perfectly still no matter how much I asked him to go. Little butt. I got him to do it though. I gave him three small apples and he loved every single bite.1-11

When I got home I took a long, hot shower and then we fixed our Thanksgiving meal. My mom did a wonderful job cooking everything. It was so delicious. She made all the must-haves. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, cranberry jelly. Then she roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts that stole the show for me!IMG_1527 IMG_1528 Once we finished eating we packed up leftovers and then I got to work on moving in to my closet. I love it so much! The couch soon called all of our names and we spent some time relaxing before we enjoyed the pumpkin pie I made yesterday.IMG_1529 I could eat pumpkin pie for every meal.

So I think I handled today well. I was really thrown off by random meal times and I only really had one snack. I also didn’t bubble my food today so I don’t really have any idea if I got enough or not. I will probably have another snack later tonight just to be safe. I have just been trying to not let food overtake my thoughts today. That can be perceived as both bad and good. Good because I felt relatively relaxed, bad because I don’t really know if I got enough and I wasn’t super motivated to make sure I was getting in my meals and snacks. I was replacing my worry about food with a typical female worry. I just started texting a guy a kind of like yesterday, and we texted a little bit today but I haven’t heard back since this afternoon, so this is just my brain going into freak out mode. I am paranoid that I said something wrong, but that is just the people pleasing perfectionist in me. I really shouldn’t worry about something this tiny. But I guess everyone kind of understands the feeling of not wanting to screw something up, whether it be about a similar topic or not. I’ve just gotta let things go and everything will happen how it’s supposed to, right? Or wrong? I don’t know. Everything is so confusing hahaha. I’m going to go watch the Steelers game so I can stop thinking about everything.

I really hope everyone had a holiday that was filled with amazing friends and family! Till tomorrow, friends.


2 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. Your closet project looks great! I think the fact that you are texting someone new IS the achievement..the amount that you text is inconsequential. Now be careful…a text non returned in NOT a rejection of you!

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