Inching My Way!

I feel like I am finally inching my way closer to everything! Closer to my goals, closer to finishing my closet, closer to being fully excited about what my future holds…

E’s and A’s

Last night’s dinner was delicious! I made a 3 cheese grilled cheese and had stewed squash and tomato basil soup. Image

Last night for my snack I had Greek yogurt topped with a few frozen strawberries (thawed) and a chocolate chip cookie dough protein Luna bar.Image I have to say the bar was not my favorite. It was good, but I felt like I had acid reflux disease or something… weird.

This morning I woke up and make myself another delicious bagel-wich! I made my egg with peppers, onion and spinach and then topped it with cheese and hot sauce. I had it with a glass of orange juice and a chai latte. Happy Beth 🙂Image

I worked on a few puzzles before I went to work on my closet. I sanded down all of the spackling I did yesterday and then vacuumed the dust up before priming a few spots that were questionable. Then I fixed my morning snack. I had maple and brown sugar oatmeal with spiced pumpkin seeds. That oatmeal is so sweet, but delicious!Image

I then spent the rest of the morning painting my closet. The primer dried quickly and I decided to use the leftover paint from my bathroom to slap a coat on the walls of my closet. It looks a million times better already. That was really the only activity I had going on today at home. When I finished painting I made my lunch. I decided to use up leftovers so I fixed myself some more mini meatball subs and enjoyed them with carrots, an apple and yogurt.Image My dad was watching The Fugitive so I multitasked and ate my lunch, watched the movie and played sudoku. Killin’ it. Once I finished eating I was off to the showers to get ready for my afternoon appointments!

Appointment with Mary

Ok, this session was GREAT. It began with all of us (my parents, Mary, and myself) and we just talked about how the past week went and what some challenges were. I talked about how I was able to do an exchange one night with my bubbles but it left me feeling a little uncomfortable. So she talked about how I could go about that in a way to feel more at ease. After that part of the session Mary and I went back to her office and talked about an activity that I did from the workbook. I took a little quiz to see how I dealt with emotions and feelings. The first part analyzed my willingness to experience my emotions. I scored on the lower side, revealing that I tend to ignore or avoid my feelings. I predicted that would be the case because that is how I have always been. I just don’t like to talk about my feelings or let my emotions be seen by others. Something I need to work on though because sharing my feelings and emotions with people will only make us grow closer. The second part of the quiz analyzed my action, or how much I let my emotions influence my day to day activities. I scored about midrange on this part. I tend to not let my emotions really get in my way of completing a task, but I do let me emotions stop me from joining in on things such as social events. Mary helped me to realize some things that would be very good for me to work on. If I promise to do something, I need to follow through with it. I have been known to be quite the flake, so by sticking to my commitments others will be able to depend on me. Also, if someone is in a difficult situation, instead of not doing anything in fear of what the right this to do is, I just need to do something. After looking at my combined scores it turns out my score equals that to the average from a group of regular customer service center employees in England. So it turns out lots of other (normal?) people feel the exact same way as I do! Once we were done with the workbook Mary and I looked over the list I made last week of different things I might enjoy doing with my future. It was kind of a long list, so Mary suggested I mark which ones could be achieved in a similar work place or in unison with each other. It was amazing how many of them could be tailored to accommodate my interests! We spent an extra 30 minutes just discussing all of the different possibilities and it got me so excited and I feel like I am no longer living in fear of what my future holds for me! Hooray! I just need to decide which ones I would like to keep as a hobby and which ones I would truly like to pursue. She assured me that nothing was permanent though and that I could change my path if I desired. She gave me several things to look up online and I can’t wait to explore them and learn about them! At the end when we finished categorizing my list she made a suggestion that I do photography and a blog for a company who doesn’t have the time or resources to keep up with their online community. She even said she might get me to do a blog and photography for her whenever she gets her kitchen and starts with classes! Mary has so many amazing ideas of what she would like to do with her little cottage. It would be so amazing to work with her and create a blog. I would get so much joy out of that! Depending on how that pans out I could always try and find another company that is in need of someone to handle their website. I feel like I could even do that for any of the ideas on my list. Do a blog and photos for an equine group, for a local cafe/business, for a home renovation/project group… The ideas are endless! I ate my snack once we left. It was just some trail mix and caramel crisps.

Session with Lori

I had another good appointment with Lori as well! I feel like for the majority of the time we talked about my social goals and challenges. I feel like Lori was getting a good sense about how to push me up to my level 8 haha! Lori talked to me about the difference between having a global view versus a local view on things. I am kind of both, but closer to the localized side. This all began by discussing our Friday night dinner at Firebirds. My dad mentioned that the dinner I ordered consisted of my safe foods, but it was challenging because of the proportion and not know how it was prepared. I talked about how I felt like I had rules that I needed to follow when placed in a difficult situation. Those rules were given to me by Eduardo, but I have been doing my best not to follow them. That led us to the globalized perspective versus the localized. Localized personalities tend to need to follow rules and do everything precisely whereas globalized ones are able to see things all over or in general. I probably just did a terrible job explaining that and there’s a good chance I got them backwards. Either way, it was eye opening and we walked away with a set of new goals!

My mom said Amber gave me this and I can’t wait to try it!Image

Tomorrow I am hanging with the guys. We are all meeting at Josh’s house and then I think we are going Cracker Barrel for lunch. I am a little nervous, but it will be a great big challenge that I can cross off my list! I sent my parents to dinner without me so they could have a date night (and so I could write this post and then watch my tv shows hehe). I am eating a stuffed squash from Trader Joe’s and it is delicious! It’s like a turkey squash pot pie.Image

Have a great night and a wonderful Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Inching My Way!

  1. When you try the rub you can add just a little bit more cayenne if you want – Dave and I usually make it spicier than what is in the bottle but knew a lot of people wouldn’t like it – and since we were selling them we tried to please more. These are my go to in a salad with an apple( or any fruit in season), goat cheese blue or feta, pecans and dressing. Of course just snacking on them too or in oatmeal etc. hope you enjoy! Sounds like you had some good sessions today – hope you enjoy your holiday and time with your parents and friends!

    • Wow that sounds really good! I will have to try adding a little more cayenne, I love spice! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I hope you and Dave have a great holiday as well!

  2. I think your explanation of global vs local was right on. Thank you. It Haley’s me to understand people that I work with a little better. Happy Turkey Day and have some fun at Cracker Barrel. I really love looking at the neat stuff they have in the store. It’s kind of Just fun. Love you, and enjoy your new spice mix! I want some now!

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