Bagel Love + Crafty Camera Strap

Happy Monday everyone! Pictures are now up for yesterday’s post!

Last night for my snack before slumber I had brownie bites, a banana (sprinkled with cinnamon) and a glass of milk.IMG_1506

This morning I woke up and was so excited to make my breakfast because I was going to have one of my homemade bagels! I made my mini omelet loaded with veggies and then toasted my bagel. I toped it with some cheese and had a side of banana slices and pomegranate. I had a glass of milk and a mug of cherry tea to go along with it. I ate it all in the truck on the way to work and holy cow, it was FANTASTIC! IMG_1507Maybe this picture will do the bagel-wich a little more justice. 1It was a pretty boring day at the office. There wasn’t much to do. For my morning snack I had the last Boost Plus in the house. When lunch rolled around I reheated leftover DiGiorno pizza from Saturday and then I had carrots, an apple and yogurt. 2We left maybe around 2:45 because my dad had to go to the Bahama Fire Department to do their payroll on their computer since he couldn’t get on at the office. I read my book while I waited. When we got home I went to remove the existing shelf in my closet and then had to fill all the holes in the wall. There is one really big one that has been there for a long time from s trying to remove a screw. So that hole is probably going to need two or three hits of spackle. Then I will have to sand it down and I decided I am going to paint my closet with leftover paint from my bathroom before I install the shelving project I have been working on. I should have started this process sooner but I wasn’t thinking. Once I was done filling the holes I started to work on a handmade camera strap. I used 7 strings of clothesline and used a lighter to burn the ends together. Then I did a 7 strand braid thing. I attached ribbon and chain to one end. I snacked on pretzels and trail mix while I worked on it. Here is the finished product: IMG_1508 IMG_1509 3I got to talk briefly with my sister and that was pretty nice. I am going to miss her this Thanksgiving. It is our first Thanksgiving apart. I’ll handle it just fine though. I had a good day today. I pushed myself when it came to the Boost Plus and the pizza today. It was another cold day today. Yuck! I don’t have to go to work tomorrow though so I might bundle up and go out to the barn to work with Vinnie. Tomorrow I have my appointments with Mary and Lori. I think they will go very well because I have been working hard! Every day there is still a war going on inside me. Eduardo has been losing these battles though, so I am not far from being declared the winner!


2 thoughts on “Bagel Love + Crafty Camera Strap

  1. The bagels look delish. We r getting a snowstorm today into tomorrow. So we are getting ready to hunker down. I am hoping it just goes away. You are way stronger than Eduardo, keep up the fight, I can see great changes. Have fun at the barn.

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