I Can’t Believe I Made Those!

Yes, I made something amazing. I wish I could say it was my closet project, but sadly I didn’t work on it today. I had something else in mind for this chilly day! I made bagels! Whattttt? Yep, bagels (or as I say “beg-als”). They turned out so well and I can’t wait to try one tomorrow for breakfast!IMG_1503 Now, where to begin… How about with dinner last night? My dad cooked up the spaghetti and meatballs and it was pretty good.IMG_1496 I’m not the biggest spaghetti fan, but it was still tasty. We got the meatballs from the freezer section at Trader Joe’s and they were pretty good. My dad did say he seasoned them a little though. Then for snack I had vanilla almond butter + chocolate hazelnut butter toast with a banana and milk.IMG_1497 This morning I was a little nervous because the power was out for some reason. I knew that meant we would probably go out for breakfast. My mom asked if I wanted to go out or if I could find some something here that didn’t require electricity. I was so happy she gave me that option and I told her I wanted to just find something here. The power ended up coming back on shortly after and so after relaxing for a while I cooked myself a sensational breakfast! I had a double serving bowl of maple brown sugar oatmeal, banana and pomegranate, and an egg with ham, cheese, peppers and onions. Plus another perfectly foamed up chai tea latte.IMG_1498 I compiled the grocery list with my mom and did a little relaxing before getting ready to go run our errands. We decided to go to the new Harris Teeter, which is very close to Whole Foods. So we did the majority of the shopping at HT before we went to Whole Foods to get our favorite trail mixes and yogurts (and a few other things). Right before we got to HT I had my late morning snack which was a Larabar.1-10 Do you see eggs written on the list? I wrote that with my left hand because my right hand was hurting too much to write haha. On our way home from Whole Foods we stopped to drop some things off at Goodwill and then we ran into Food Lion to grab things for our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. I also had to get yeast for my bagels because I forgot that at the other two grocery stores we were at… At home I helped unpack the groceries before I fixed my lunch. I used leftovers to create two small meatball subs. I just used two hot dog buns and toasted them under the broiler. Then I topped the meatballs with some mozzarella cheese. I had it with carrots, an apple and yogurt.IMG_1499 I think I am making carrots, apples and yogurt my lunch time staples haha. Once I was done with lunch I worked on making the dough for my bagels. I watched the Steelers game while I worked on that. Go Steelers! The dough had to rest for a while before I cook form the bagels and take them through the cooking process so I relaxed until snack time. I had blueberry blaze, caramel crisps and raspberry tea.IMG_1500 Today was a chill day. I would have gone to the barn but the wind was so bad and I wanted to stay cozy and warm. My cat Nicole has a new cozy warm spot my mom put together using a pillow and a blanket.IMG_1501 It is in front of the fireplace so she still feels like she is part of the family. I don’t think she has left this spot for hours! I hope she is still alive… I planned my morning and afternoon meals and snacks to make it easy in the morning. Then I kind of helped my mom out with dinner. Basically I just read her the directions for the recipe my grandma emailed me for Last Minute Cheddar Chicken and Noodles. It was really easy to make and would be good for a quick, one pot meal.IMG_1505 The flavor is a little bland, but in knocked out all of my protein bubbles!

Now we are watching Alaska: The Last Frontier. My parents love this show haha. I am feeling a little nervous about what to do for my bedtime snack, but I am going to have to do my best to guess on what bubbles I need and I have to remember that I can do exchanges. I hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday in preparation for the start of the week tomorrow 🙂

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